A beautiful pink divine shielded girl - Divine Sorceress

Hey Splinterlanders!

I'm back with this week's SM Share you Battle challenge, this week's theme is the beautiful girl from life splinter Divine Sorceress.

You can read more about this week's challenge on Splinterlands official post by visiting the following link.


So starting with my post let me write up a bit about Divine Sorceress. It's a magic attack monster that lies in Life Splinter and comes with a divine shield too. This shield ignores the very first attack on the monster. I like to use this monster at Little League rulesets as it owns only 3 Mana cost. Well if your opponent comes with the failed summoner monster then it can get magic reflected which isn't good. Otherwise, there isn't any monster with the magic reflect ability for little league and you can use magic attack monsters freely. xD

I've added the screenshot of my battle and you can also find a link to watch my battle below.


Watch the Battle

What was my Lineup?

It was a 23 mana battle with Little League and Healed Out rulesets, I'll explain each monster used in the battle below.

So, let's move forward.

I went with Tyrus Paladium Life Summoner as it gives +1 armor to all friendly monsters. It is useful for some rules like weak magic and no magic.

My first monster was Crystal Werewolf, I used it as a tank because of its Thorns and Silence abilities. It's a nice low mana reward card and very useful in Little league ruleset. It was giving my opponent double trouble because of thorns and silence abilities.

In the second place, I used a level 5 Grumpy Dwarf which comes with Reach and Enrage abilities. At level 5 it have 2 armor already and +1 was given by the summoner so I used it keeping in mind that my opponent might come up with thorn ability monster at tank.

The third position was covered with another nice monster named Peacebringer. It has a great number of 3 ranged attacks and only 4 Mana monster so it was another good choice for Little league.

Next, I used the beautiful divine shielded pink girl Divine Sorceress, it comes with the magic attack and also has a divine shield that lets it ignore damage when it is attacked for the first time. If my opponent had come with failed summoner then it could have magic reflected but lucky he didn't.

In the fifth position I filled up with the promo monster Armorsmith level 4, I used it for its Repair ability. It keeps repairing the armor of the monster whose armor gets the most damage.

Lastly, I used the neutral Centaur which is a great sniper for little league ruleset. My level 5 made 2 ranged damages to my opponents.

Did your strategy work?

Yes, it worked very well. In fact, Divine Sorceress was the match-winning monster which did the last attack and I won the battle.

Do you use Divine Sorceress often?

I only use it for little league rulesets because of its magic attack and 3 mana cost. In higher Mana battles I avoid using it as my opponent can use magic reflect and it can get killed quicker.

That's all for now. See you at Battle Field.

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Excellent lineup. You were pretty closely matched to your opponent too.
I don't think I would have put the ranged attack before the Sorceress... but then, I would have probably lost. 🤣 I tend to want to keep those near the back. But protecting the Divine Sorceress and thereby allowing her to magic all over the place? Perfection.

Great post formatting too!