The fiercest Dinosaur aka Rexxie

Hey Splinterlanders!

I've been playing SM for more than a year though I haven't posted much, and now the current weekly challenges from @splinterlands tempted me to write. So I am here with this week's challenge which is Rexxie.

You can read more about this week's challenge on Splinterlands official post by visiting the following link.


I like Rexxie because of its Trample Ability and its a good choice when the ruleset is Melee can attack from any position or Melee has the sneak ability. However, I won this battle on my alt account (@iamlazy), with Target Practice and Close Range rules. Below is the Screenshot of my positioning and you can also find a link to the battle.


Watch the Battle

What was my Lineup?

It was a 29 mana battle and I'll explain my lineup below writing about every summoner used in battle one by one.

So, let's move forward.

First of all, is the summoner, I like the Lyanna Natura Earth Summoner because it gives +1 Health to all the friendly monsters, so I went with this summoner. I have level 5 of it.

After Summoner, my first monster was Rexxie itself, I used it as a tank because of its Trample ability and honestly, I love the Trample ability a lot. Also, it has a 5 melee attack so it gives big damage to the opponent's tank. In my this battle it performed very well, firstly I was thinking I will lose this battle but then Trample ability came into work and it showed its power and Boom, I won.

In the second place, I used level 1 Furious Chicken without any attacks. Well, chicken is a must for me and always have a space for it if mana is lower than 20. In this battle, I used chicken to waste my opponents' snipe attacks.

The third position was covered with level 1 untamed monster Kron the Undying. This is an amazing magic attack monster that comes with heal ability and it has a big 10 health too. So I placed it right after chicken so that it will keep healing itself from my opponents' snipe attacks.

Next, I used the beautiful lady Wood Nymph level 6, along with tank heal it also gains strengthen ability at that level. So it is a +1 again which can cover up even if the opponent comes with weaken ability. At the same time, it keeps healing the tank too.

The fifth position I filled up with Goblin Sorcerer level 5, again it's a magic attacker but it comes with the sneak ability so if the opponent is attacking from the last position it can damage that last position monster.

Lastly, I used the Epic Swamp Thing monster with weaken ability which can reduce our opponent's health. I used it as the last position because I thought it has 4 health and even if it gets killed by the opponent's sneak attacks it won't affect me much.

Did your strategy work?

Well yes, for which purpose I used Rexxie it worked very well and made me win this battle amazingly. As I wrote above its Trample ability was the one who made me win this battle.

Do you use REXXIE often?

I don't use Rexxie often as it doesn't favor all kinds of rulesets. This monster can do better in Melee only or Melee has sneak ability rulesets.

That's all for now. See you at Battle Field.

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Hey! Welcome to this side of things!
Great post (formatting and everything!)

That battle was pretty close... all the way to the end! I'm surprised Rexxie outlasted everyone. Great lineup.

Thanks for sharing this (outside of steem). Hope you join us again next week!