EasyFi Network 2021 Q4 Roadmap - Milestone 1-5

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Here is an interesting read for you if you are a fan and holder of the best layer 2 lending protocol, EasyFi Network. The team has been doing so much and they've just released their plans for 2021 Q4, this you'd love to read, this will be a brief summary of what is contained in the 2021 EasyFi Network Q4 Roadmap.

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Q4 2021 Roadmap

  • Milestone 1 - Full Protocol Launch: EasyFi Network will do a multichain launch of its full lending protocol on all supported networks, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and others. This will also include "Full Audit" by Halbornsecurity

  • Milestone 2 - EasyFi Insure: The team has planned to introduce insurance for Money markets to help users with their positions against market volatility.

  • Milestone 3- EasyFi Push Notification: EasyFi has created a smart alert and notification for users of all transactions and accounts health on Easyfi Protocol, this will save them the stress of status checking all the time, this is a service that'd be available on all supported chains.

  • Milestone 4 - EasyFi MTrade: This is another big one for EasyFi users, this is an advanced smart contract offering users on-chain margin trading facilities to traders. New streams of revenue are opened for lenders and other users with principal protection.

  • Milestone 5 - EasyFi Agamotto: EasyFi is enabling seamless transfer of assets across all supported chains with no gas fee, this is to facilitate cross-chain lending settlement layer and all related transactions.

Look Forward to my next post for the remaining uodate on EasyFi Q4 Roadmap.

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