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I had this very question in my mind when people around me started promoting Hand Sanitizers and started using Hand Sanitizers. After this Coronavirus awareness started spreading everywhere, I believe the demand for hand sanitizers increased drastically. I wanted to validate if this usage of Hand sanitizers is bringing an actual difference so, I wanted to read some articles online to educate myself on this topic.

For the first few days, like everyone else, I was also using a lot of Hand Sanitizers. In my office, they had this Sterillium Hand sanitizer in every corner. Some people started saying that compared to the Sanitizer gel only Sterillium had an effect. I wanted to find out which one of these was a myth and which one was correct information. I started looking for answers online. Let me share what I found online.

Hand Sanitizers became costlier online

One of the articles from NDTV said that Hand Sanitizers because 16 times costlier online and there was a huge demand for it after Coronavirus topic started spreading. This is completely panic buying when this news started spreading online everywhere. It looks like people are very cautious to disinfect their hands. When the health advisors suggested everyone keep the hands clean, I guess people somehow found that Hand Sanitizers are the only best way to that which is not wrong and this has created a great demand for Hand Sanitizers.



I would also like to recommend buying from the reputed sources. People are also making use of this situation and selling fake products in the market. Though the fake products and less effective products are always available in the market, now more of that is available in the market.

Washing the hands is the first solution

Even if Hand Sanitizers are gaining popularity, it is highly recommended to first go for hand wash if you have an option around you. Hand Sanitizers are for people who don't have immediate access to washing their hands. In case if we are using Hand Sanitizers, it is ideal to use one with a high content of alcohol in it. There are many products available in the market with no alcohol content in it. That cannot be considered as an ideal Hand Sanitizer that can help in killing the germs.



While using Hand Sanitizers we will be able to clean our hand from the germs but it doesn't work well with ripping off and cleaning the dirt and harmful materials and chemicals from the hand. Those things will be gone only if we wash our hands properly. As per medical recommendation, we are advised to wash our hands continuously for a minimum of 2 minutes with soap or a similar substance.

Misconception about drinking alcohol

There is now a misconception that drinking alcohol can prevent us from Corona Virus or spreading the virus. This is definitely not true and needs proper proof. Some people have even started promoting that drinking Hand sanitizers like Sterillium is good because it has alcohol content in it. This is very wrong. Please don't try that. Consuming alcohol or hand sanitizers in anyways is definitely not good and helpful.

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