My first ever Chaos GFL

This is my entry post for the 'Social Media Challenge" organized by Splinterlands.

I have to admit that this is a boasting post. But this kind of posts are needed for Social media.

Can you guess what will I boast today?

Today I got a GFL Legionnaire Alvar. I am very happy so I decided to share my GFL card with my friends.


It worths 70$ in current price. It worths 74$ for a single BCX.


This monster is very good against magic attackers. It has +8 [Armor] and 6 [Health]. You may need to use together with a monster that has [Repair] ability. [Giant Killer] is a nightmare for the monster with more than 10 mana cost. This monster will be more useful in high mana matches. With [Deathblow] this monster becomes LLAMA + KRON killer.

Giant Killer - Does double damage against targets that cost 10 or more mana
Deathblow - This Monster does 2x damage if their target is the only Monster left on the enemy team

I do not know can it deal 4x damage when there is only Kron left in battle.

I will send 1 Hive to the SL player who can share the battle that can answer my question first.

There will be only one winner and the battle content must contain the fact that Legionnaire Alvar deals 4x damage or 3x damage.

Giveaway will end after post payout.

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