Healthy sleep method / 健康睡眠法

When sleeping
What kind of clothing should be worn
According to medical experts say and health experts say
Sleeping naked is better (of course, not including cold weather), and it is good for the health of the body, so it is called the healthy sleep method.
Because when sleeping, naked sleep helps blood circulation.
However, it should also be noted that naked sleep can also easily leave germs on the bed, so the sheets must be changed frequently.

I personally don’t sleep naked,
I always wear loose clothes to sleep, I did not buy pajamas,
But there are many people in my family who have special pajamas and are sleeping in their beds.

Listening to them, it’s more comfortable to sleep in pajamas without other clothes inside. It is often suggested that I buy pajamas, but I think it’s a waste to buy that, so I didn’t buy them.


裸睡是比较好的 (当然是不包括寒冷的天气), 有助于身体的健康, 故有健康睡眠法之称.
因为在睡觉的时候, 裸睡有助于血液的循环.
但也要注意, 裸睡也容易把病菌留在床上,所以要常更换被单.

我都是穿着宽松的衣服来入睡, 我并没有买睡衣,
但我家有不少人, 有专门的睡衣, 是穿着睡衣在入睡的.

听他们说, 穿睡衣睡觉, 里面没穿其他的衣服, 是比较舒适的, 时常建议我买睡衣, 只是我觉得买那个很浪费, 所以都没去买.

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I guess we need to develop what feels comfortable to us when we sleep. No sleep will be good if we're not comfortable.

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