RE: Deciding to give the Sims 4 another chance... the start of a new alien legacy!


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I had some issues to run a restaurant. Because to get good ratings the sims that are eating at the restaurant need to sit down, if they don't I can't help them at all and I wouldn't get a good rating on my restaurant. And that is pretty annoying. It also can happen that those who work there don't do their job. Just standing there like some idiots, even tho they are "good" at the job on paper. I love to own a restaurant and have that as a job, but I can't do it if it doesn't work.

I also had a problem with the vet, when I'm taking my pet to the vet it happens now and then that those who works there don't react to it and they wont help my sick pet. But luckily is there an option to make health candies to the pets so I can buy them and that works the same way.

I downloaded two mods yesterday, and it worked a little bit. But not as good as it did before all this problems.

I'm looking forward for more the Sims 4 stuff :D