In time past, a Sword was formed with dark magic and dragon's breath. It is said to be the end of SEAN CONNERY, the first of the Vampire Dorcha Clan. By the sword, he will die never to be resuscitated. The Story of 'The Sword' has been long forgotten and told as a folktale. Does it exist for real? No one knows. The long-lost SEALGAIREAN'S SWORD, only a few knew of its existence and where it is hidden and guarded by whom? Nobody knows...


Present Time 2002

"You are too emotional, don't let your emotions make you prey to the Vampire Dorcha, or else you are dead!".

"Papa!" Aileana said, frowning at her Father's statement. Then her Father went to thrust a spear at her when she braced herself for the move. Training with her Father was a moment she usually cherished. She looked at him and said, "I will not let my emotions get me down papa, I promise."

Aileana finished training with her father and retired to her quarters. The Sealgairean clan owns a large portion of land in Scotland which they had turned into their city and refuge. It is a very massive structure, built in the design of 18th-century architectural designs, old and very functional.

The Sealgairean's Quarters is like a city of its own, located on Huntington Road, with a lot of sectors built inside of it, with a mass brick fence wall all around it and a bulky gate. This gate has an inscription on it in Scottish Gaelic ``Gus a dhol a-steach tha bàs" meaning "To Enter is death". The gate was made with dark magic a long time ago to ward off Vampire attacks in their home. So it's a Safe Haven for all the Sealgairean Clan all over the world.

Aileana looked at herself in the mirror, she said, "I need to have a hot shower and good sleep. Probably my aching muscles will be soothed". So she did that in about 15 minutes and came out of the shower to put on her sleeping clothes when the alarm system of the City went all chaotic, ringing. She quickly put on black leather pants, and a green T-shirt with combat boots, and carried her weapons.

Racing out of her room quickly, she saw that people had started going into their quarters and soldiers had begun to take defensive positions all around. She picked up the pace running towards the city's gate where she saw her father standing with his second in command, Elias, and other soldiers both seniors and juniors hierarchically.

Children and the weak were taken to safety by all the foot soldiers for protection. Security measures of the city came to the limelight, archers lined up on the second floor of the watchtower located far south of the city, and snipers were positioned on the top floor of the Tower.

Elias called out to Aileana, " over here!" She came and said, "what is going on''. Hardlines were formed on Elias' face as he said, "The Vampires Rìoghail and Geal Clans are here with their armies en masse. We donna' know why they have come here, but I think they are here to ally with us, Either way, we must know why they are here. So there will be no bloodshed, aye!".

Aileana asked her Father, "what are we going to do papa?"

He replied, "I will go out with Elias and a few of the lieutenants to meet with the Head of their Clans".

"But papa I should be the one to go not you"* Donald refused her request and gave a quick nod to Elias for them to get going.

Aileana whispered, "I am over 29 years old. I am old enough to make important decisions with him. Why did he say No?"

Then she gave the order for the gate to be open. Three of some of the foot soldiers saw to the task. Bolts and nuts began to move and the gate began to pull apart revealing thousands of Vampires armies with the Head of the Clans in front of them

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