Fortunes of Benevolence!



At a time of turbulence, when the world is facing the Covid19 pandemic, life seems to be at the forefront of turbulence. Panic, terror, uncertainty, and despair are the greatest monsters that fly over every head and try to stifle their lives.

But despite the terrible presence of these demons, there seems to be a glimmer of hope among people, and this tree of light is illuminated in the form of a positive attitude that is accepted by all of us. Since the start of this coronavirus, a total change in the conduct of a large portion of us is obvious. We have gotten benevolent, sympathetic, quiet, and humble. A change for which persuasive orator, strict pioneers, social activists, and reformers have been lecturing for quite a while, crown showed them in a month. Is it a reality to cry or celebrate? It's an ideal opportunity to think. As a socialized country, we are compelled to act emphatically and sufficiently true to form with others, yet sadly, we never acknowledged it.

In the pre-crown scenario, each of us lived in a shell of our ego and arrogance. We were part of a race that led to materialistic victories. In this race, we forget to nourish our spiritual energies. The energies that stimulate our minds and souls and thus enrich them most desirably.
We have become indifferent to the torment and suffering of others. We have only one motto in life and it was My happiness, although we must achieve it at the expense of the destruction of the happiness and joy of others. Instead of people, we become "intermediate beings". And that's where our misery began.

Nature has its way of approaching things. He loves us more and could not see how we suffer the creatures. We suffered long before the outbreak of this corona pandemic, suffering in the form of middle beings instead of human beings. Nature must heal us with his healing hand. We must be mended profoundly and ethically.

For things to come back to typical, to liberate us from the shackles of egotism and pride, nature's mending hand has secured the universe with the billows of COVID-19. This is how we recollect the purging of our brain and our body.

The mending procedure is in progress during the COVID-19 period, prompting a positive change in the disposition and conduct of the majority of us. The values long forgotten to help and care for others have been restored. We're all desperate to support others. The materialistic career has stopped. People are happy with what they have. The power of humanity has once again destroyed the castles of pride and greed.

Do we need pandemics to change profoundly? Wouldn't we be able to simply stop without deserting our human characteristics? Nature has given us its fortunes of benevolence, so why not be forgiving to its animals. Let us make a guarantee to accommodate our lives with the methods of nature and not plunge into the expanse of shallow life, where floods of otherworldly and good disaster effectively eat up us. I trust that we will keep on keeping up this period of energy and change in the post-COVID-19 stage.

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