A Bad Market Experience :A Somewhat Unproductive Day After Being Tricked by the Market Woman


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Well, as part of the traditional system in this part of Edo state, Nigeria. Full market days hold every five days interval, that is when people from other parts of the town bring their wares to this part to sell. Although, there are mini markets on normal days aside the main market day.

Well, today was the market day and as usual there was the hustle and bustle, everywhere was crowded, market men and women selling their wares by advertising, some hawking in trays or wheelbarrow, and so on.

I had bought foodstuffs by going round the market and bargaining for prices that suit my budget. Then I made a stop at a roughly dressed young lady so I could grind my melon seeds smoothly (egusi).

When I got there, I notice she was grinding ogbono seeds, which is used to make draw soup. I inquired that hope she was going to clean the engine properly before she grinded mine. She nodded in affirmation.

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I had doubts in my mind actually because she was not fully concentrated on me but rather she was busy arguing prices with another customer. She had a small kiosk of petty goods.

To cut the long story short, she fumbled with the engine as a means to clean it. But we all know that the proper way to clean such engine is grind dried fishes with it so the remaining particles of whatever was previously grinded would come out easily. She didn't do that.

She grinded my melon seed and I paid her but not without informing her that if the ogbono affects my soup I definitely will come looking for her the next market day o.

Hmmm.. I got home eager to prepare my sumptuous fish of egusi with vegetable soup,but lo and behold the grinded egusi was slimy....

Aaaaaaargh... this was so painful actually because I tried to be careful. But what can I do? I had to prepare the meal like that. People will just use their ignorance to ruin an already planned activity or event.

I will definitely confront her next market day.

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