Hello friends and splinterlanders, how are you feeling over there? This piece of advice is for small players in splinterlands like me. At this moment I know how you feel about the game because of the rewards. Only big players and investors earn big right now.
Well! I believe some of us understand what is happening, you need to invest very well before you can earn big: and if you don’t have money to invest big, you need consistency to get to where you want, it might take you a lot of time to get there.
There was a time I read about the history of some great players here who started the game without a single penny but ended up to be big players here; I wondered how it happened.
Those players are worthy of being emulated: at this moment, such an achievement will not be easy.

It is a game that will explode later: a few years ago, we didn’t know what #play2earn was in my environment. All we know are computer games that you play for pleasure.
Today, 50% of the population of the young men in my environment are well aware of #NFT games right now; and many of them have registered with some of these #NFT games.
I believe by the next four years, #play2earn games will dominate the world because technology will keep on improving more and more, new things will be added to the #NFT games that will make it unique.
People will no longer have passion for most of these games because they earn nothing from it: what games am I talking about? I am not talking about #play2earn games, I am talking about some of the games we play on our phones and computers for fun such as Mario games. They will not have passion for most of these games except play2earn because they earn nothing from it.
The time we are is a big factor the affected the whole crypto’s world: there is no how we are talking about #NFT games without talking of Cryptocurrency because those games also have their coins. The value of crypto also affects the value of #NFT. During the bull run, when the price of crypto went up, we saw how the price of these #NFT’s went up. For instance, there was a time when the price of SPT (splinterlands governance token) was 0.5 and above. Today, the price of SPT is $0.039.
The present situation of the market is one of the unfavorable factors that affected everything concerning cryptocurrency and #NFT games. The bearishness is so severe that the BTC price is below $17,000.
The good news is that we strongly believe that the price will appreciate very soon: when the price appreciates, #NFT price will also appreciate.

Passive Income: it is a passive income for me. I am earning money from splinterlands everyday even though the money is small, I am earning something. I am different from people that are not getting any passive income. If I need money so fast, I can withdraw the money and use it to do whatever I want to use it for. There was a time, the beginning of this year, precisely February, that I needed money so badly; I withdrew $150 from the money I made and used it. It prevented me from borrowing money during that hard time.

Click the link below to watch this battle I share here. When I saw cursed wineku, I thought I had lost the battle because of the thorn ability.
One of the rules I love to use for venari seedsmith is ‘blast ability’. As monsters die, venari seedsmith gain +1 health.

click here to watch the battle


EXPLOSIVE WEAPONRY: All monsters have the blast ability.
This is the reason I used venari seedsmith, I knew how it operated and it was very important for me to use this monster in this battle.

TAKING SIDES: Natural monsters may not be used in battles.

I needed monsters with healing ability in this battle, that was the reason I used earth summoner in this battle. That is the only way I can use the suitable healing ability monsters to use: though, there are healing ability monsters everywhere in splinterlands but i preferred earth summoner in this battle.

FLESH GOLEM: I said earlier that the main reason I used this monster was the healing ability. This is because this monster could heal itself at the end of each round.
This healing ability made this monster prevented from elimination, and made flesh golem to lead the battle to victory.

WATER ELEMENTAL: considering the fact that blast ability would affect monsters near the targeted one. I understand that the first monster in the lineup would be attacked most in this battle and the second monster in my lineup would be greatly affected by an explosive weaponry rule.
To make sure the second monster in the lineup also stayed longer in this battle, I used a monster with healing ability so that it would heal its health at the end of each round; the only monster that could do that was water elemental. That was the reason I used water elemental as the second monster in this battle and it worked for me.

VENARI SEEDSMITH: This is a monster I loved to use when given this kind of battle, it has the capacity to add one health each time a monster dies in battle.
The health of venari seed smith increased from 3 which was the initial health to 11. Even though a monster continues to attack venari seedsmith, it would take longer before it would be eliminated.
Therefore, the first reason I chose this monster was the longevity of this monster in this battle. This is the only monster without healing ability that was left in my lineup; if i mistakenly chose any other monster, it would have been eliminated by blast ability.

SCREECHING VULTURE: I knew how important this monster was in this battle, I knew that it would keep on searching for monsters with lowest health because of opportunity ability. I knew my opponent would make use of monsters with lowest health: that was the major reason I used a screeching vulture.

WOOD NYMPH: I didn’t expect this monster to be eliminated in the first round, it was so fast. If I knew, I would have been placed as the third monster in this battle. It was unable to do the work I wanted to do.
If I knew my opponent would use a summoner with reflection ability, I wouldn't have used wood nymph in this battle.

GOBLIN DARTLING: I was left with two mana, i thought goblin dartling would be able to attack but it wasn’t.

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