The Wonders of Nature


A pleasant evening to all of us My Dear hivers and to all members here in @proofofbrain hive community.

First of all, I want to thank, @friendlymoose in this contest, the #POBPHotocontest. With this wonderful and exciting contest, we can see the different locations and the beauty and uniqueness of the place. Let me show some of my unique photos I collected while ago, the pictures contains the beauty of Nature, so lets begin.


Porcupine Flower

As a plant and Nature lover, I will share of my unique pictures. The first picture that I will show is this what we called Porcupine flower. We used to call this name because it is really a porcupine because of its pointed red petals.

Although this is a kind of wild flowers, but it is very fascinating and attractive. Mostly this plant can be found at the places that keeps away from direct sunlight. The leaves of this plant is easily burn even in heat of the sun.


Trumphet Flower

Obviously we called this a trumphet flower because the shape of the its flower is just like a trumphet. Mostly, it can be found near at the river and other people don't removed or cut this plants because it helps to prevent soil erosions. This is a kind of vine plants amd it can easily multiplied.


Star Flower

Thia is very fascinating flower because of its shape and colors. It has a bright white color with a small yellow color in the middle. The stem and leaves of this flower is just like an eggplant. Same as the above pictures, this is also a kind of wild flowers . The stem of this plants contains of many thorns surrounded to it.

This is very common and it can found anywhere in the jungle or forest. Some of people used this as their herbal medicines.


Elephant Ear Mushroom

This mushroom only grews in a rotten coconut tree. The shape, color and sizes are very fascinating. Some people say that if the place is full of different kinds of mushroom, it showed that the place is very fresh, cold and away from pollution just like air pollution.

It has a color of orange and it can grews and expand its leaves. This mushroom is good for decorations on the walls inside the house.

If we explored our place, we can discover more fascinating and unique plants. Until next post, keep in touch and updating about my latest Nature post to be posted here in POB community.


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