Short run in the heat (and a bike ride)


I just finished a 4.023km running that lasted about 0hh:21mm:42ss !

I thought we were done with this kind of heat and humidity for the year. But global warming makes sure the temperature swings are even more extreme than it already was in Michigan. I waited as much as I could, pretty much till dusk, but it was still about 85F (about 29C) with 95+ % humidity! That's usually enough to kill the little motivation I have. But I really wanted to keep the streak going. So I decided to go for a short run. The sunset colors before I started (cover picture) were beautiful too. That helps! They were even more spectacular on my way, and that was one of these times I wished I had my phone with me for photos. But I tried running with my phone a few times, it just sucks.
With the very limited daylight left, I knew it could not be long anyways, because of course I didn't have any of my night gear. It was actually even shorter than I though because I was hoping for at least 5k. Oh well, it was just too hot, and it's already a good thing I went out at all! The pace wasn't too bad compared to my current form, but I guess knowing it was going to be a short run helped.

Now that is four runs with at most two rest days in between. Like I mentioned, I don't really have a choice with the Detroit half marathon coming up in just over 5 weeks now. Let's see if I can keep it going.

I just finished a 10.028km bike ride that lasted about 0hh:27mm:36ss (elapsed time: 0hh:34mm:28ss!)

The next day was still very hot and humid, so I decided to go for a short bike ride, the first one in months I think. That's just so much easier to handle heat on the bike, instead of running. Nothing special about the ride, that's why I am combining it with my running post. Since I am a few days behind in my reporting anyways, that's better. In this heat, I have a strong tendency to do nothing, that happens often during summer. So it was good to get out there and as often it was also a nice excuse to catch the sunset colors.

Like i said, getting back into running shape is more pressing because of the upcoming race, but I'll try and include more bike rides on my rest days. Hopefully these are really the last few days with this kind of heat and humidity, even if the Michigan weather can always surprise us. So let's see if I can crank up the training a bit.

Keep Exhausting!