Some hope with two more runs


I just finished a 8.697km running that lasted about 0hh:46mm:51ss !

Since I started to feel slightly better during my previous runs, on Sunday I was determined to try again this 5+ miles loop that I failed a couple weeks before. With the cooler weather, I was pretty sure it was doable. And it went significantly better. It did get tough after about 3 miles and it's clearly visible on the splits. But I didn't fall apart like last time, just slowed down, and kept going. It even got slightly better near the end and I added a tiny extra loop. I wouldn't call it a second wind though, because it was still slow and difficult. The thought of walking started to fill my head only after more than 4 miles, but I kept telling myself I was close enough to complete the run without walking. I guess my will power is making progress too, that's almost as important as the rest.

Once again, so many deer on the way. Although the one on the cover picture was not one of them. It was in my front yard with another one in the afternoon before I started my run. They're just everywhere in the neighborhood.

I just finished a 8.837km running that lasted about 0hh:46mm:59ss !

For the next run 2 days later, I chose a route quite different, but it was a very similar distance in the end. As you can see on the cover picture, the sky was nice and blue before I started, although it was getting dark once again when I finished. I tried to test my will power this time by running further East early in the run, because obviously I would be forced to run back at some point. The other advantage is that I had the residual sunset colors in front of me for a good part of the second half. But I actually kept adding extra small loops here and there because the sensations were pretty good. I never thought about walking, which is a first since I resumed training. And except for that surprisingly slightly faster fourth mile, the pace was very consistent till the end.

Well, based on these two runs, I feel confident that in normal conditions, I can already stay under 9min/mile (pace to stay under 2 hours for a half marathon) for at least 6 miles. In race conditions, with the excitement, the crowd and everything, I am pretty sure I can sustain that pace for at least two additional miles. We're around 8 miles already, just 5 more for the half marathon! With just a month before the Detroit half marathon, that is of course challenging, but I am now much more hopeful than just 2 weeks ago.

I also need to improve my diet and sleep, so I can start dropping a few pounds. Nothing crazy, just 2 to 3 pounds a week would really help me stay on track with my training, and also for motivation. The accepted calorie number for a pound is around 3500 (I do know there are plenty of factors and it's very loose approximation). So with the extra calories burned with these runs, I just need a small diet adjustment to reach the calorie deficit I need. And sleep! I am still between 3 and 4 hours a night on average, and that's just very bad, especially if I want to up my training again.

As for next run, it's planned for Thursday (today). I'd like to get at least 10k, but it will depend what time I manage to start. Then at least one run this week end. Ideally, I am thinking about some intervals on the track on Saturday, and a longer/slower run on Sunday. But I am not sure I'll have the time to squeeze two runs this week end.

Keep Exhausting!