The longest (and fastest!) run yet!


I just finished a 10.206km running that lasted about 0hh:54mm:04ss !

In my previous Exhaust post, I mentioned I was hoping to get at least 10k in my next run. Mission accomplished! I started a bit later than I wanted again, and I knew that even though the sky was still blue, I would finish close to nightfall. In the end, the timing worked out pretty well actually, as once again, I completed the run just before it got too dark to see anything.
I used the same strategy, running East at the beginning to kind of force me to run back. But this time I went a little further. And after that, it was pretty much an identical route compared to the previous run, except for the very last loop I added to make sure I'd end up above 10k.
As usual, after a start too fast for my current form, the pace was fairly consistent, even if it slowed down a bit after 4 miles. But just like last time, I didn't completely fall apart, just kept going, and even added a mini sprint at the end.

I never imagined that I would be happy with a pace around 8:30min/mile for a 10k, but this is where we are. To be honest, I am actually kind of surprised I can already manage this, just 3 weeks after resuming my training, and with all these extra pounds. Something else that I find a bit weird is that so far I did not get much soreness after these runs. I guess that means my legs are more ready than my lungs. Or maybe it's just my head slowing me down, I really don't have the will power I used to. Anyways, next run planned this Saturday, we'll see how the day goes before we decide what kind of run it is.

Keep Exhausting!