Neoxian City: Writing Prompt #19


Hello Hivers,

As no-one is without fault, at some point one might say or do something hurtful to someone else. Thereafter, the mature thing to do is to apologise. It is not always an easy task but if it's done genuinely - apologies can facilitate healing and restore trust. As a result, apologies are very powerful.

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Neoxian City - Prompt #19

Reflect on a time when you had to apologise to a friend or partner and how it affected your relationship.

Write your most imaginative, creative and interesting story.

Deadline – You have until Friday 12 July 2024 @ 8am UTC.


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Have fun writing your stories. We are looking forward to reading your entries.

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Wao, this is a great prompt I have been missing. I would be early to join this prompt and share my entry soon. Good work from the neoxian team.