I love Evidence
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
NEOXAG can be converted to NEOXAG POWER in a process called staking.
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.00000276 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-sperosamuel15-rqwyq6
Author reward: 0.00009937 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-elluismma-rqvss2
Author reward: 0.00002071 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-giuatt07-rqrk99
Author reward: 0.00478911 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-sanjeevm-rqn9tt
Author reward: 0.00468045 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-sanjeevm-rqdr5k
Author reward: 0.00466017 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-sanjeevm-rq6fu4
Author reward: 0.00471676 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-sanjeevm-rq46rr
Author reward: 0.00025695 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-tbnfl4sun-rpyfia
Author reward: 0.00757852 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-cyprianj-rpvutj
Author reward: 0.00000445 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-electronico-rpvurh
Author reward: 0.00174714 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-florakese-rpte21
Author reward: 0.14085537 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-trumpman-rpsw9b
Author reward: 0.00000237 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-enforcer48-rpq50m
Author reward: 0.00480657 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-sanjeevm-rpo3b7
Author reward: 0.00426691 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-sanjeevm-rpacqi
Author reward: 0.00000599 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-apineda-rp4u8v
Author reward: 7.01929311 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-ironshield-royy0x
Author reward: 0.03264683 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-kerrislravenhill-roxa04
Author reward: 0.10560688 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-trumpman-rox9z5
Author reward: 0.00006324 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-elluismma-roufm1
Author reward: 0.01463812 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-melbourneswest-roq2gv
Author reward: 0.00157296 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-tanzil2024-roq2ex
Author reward: 0.00013052 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-silversaver888-ronnq8
Author reward: 0.00013287 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-silversaver888-rolwxf
Author reward: 0.05838447 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-monsterjamgold-rolwdu
Author reward: 0.00351882 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-tanzil2024-robpxi
Author reward: 7.33452647 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-ironshield-ro8cx3
Author reward: 0.03534601 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-kerrislravenhill-ro7ha9
Author reward: 5.33485845 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-neoxiancity-ro7gjk
Author reward: 0.00052430 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-florakese-ro5dxr
Author reward: 0.00014305 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-silverd510-ro5dww
Author reward: 0.11460249 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-trumpman-ro5dvv
Author reward: 0.00007477 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-dsc-r2cornell-ro5dpd
Author reward: 0.00014590 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-welshstacker-ro41qu
Author reward: 0.00014553 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-silverd510-ro41ot
Author reward: 0.00462440 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-sanjeevm-ro41da
Author reward: 6.23969526 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-neoxian-ro41cc
Author reward: 0.00014471 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-silversaver888-ro19ji
Author reward: 0.00013576 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-silverd510-ro19ix
Author reward: 0.00268718 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-tanzil2024-rnyfyh
Author reward: 5.36746893 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-neoxian-rnyese
Author reward: 0.00446296 NEOXAG for royalevidence/esp-eng-como-lidiar-con-las-molestias-y-mucho-mas-how-to-deal-with-annoyance-and-more
Author reward: 0.00453968 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-sanjeevm-rnv8yt
Author reward: 0.04097571 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-emeka4-rnut4u
Author reward: 5.22603488 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-neoxiancity-rnui3n
Author reward: 0.02511921 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-ruth-girl-rnui1e
Author reward: 0.04957755 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-geekgirl-rnuh8s
Author reward: 0.00238757 NEOXAG for royalevidence/esp-eng-lets-discuss-about-perspectivas-optimistas-que-tener-en-cuenta-cuando-se-es-feliz-lets-discuss-about-optimistic-outloo
Author reward: 0.00017772 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-apineda-rnt91v
Author reward: 0.00004446 NEOXAG for royalevidence/re-elluismma-rnt911