Beware form account password Hacker| New type Hacker on steem|

Your account, Your privacy!

Blockchain a decentralized website. It is quite Impossible to hack blockchain Based website. Steemit is a blockchain-based platform. So it is quite impossible to hack your account. But the account @test420 doing in steemit platform and how he hacking the password from steem user and how he is able to transfer the balance from steemians wallet to his own account. It's really great matter of thinking.

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A reputed account on steemit platform is a summation of great passion, hard work, creativity, time and money. The value of a steemit account knows who is the real owner of any accounts. Any kind of damage to a reputed account really matters of shocking for the account holder. Steem blockchain has developed a maximum number of security system for each and every account. The privacy police of steemit account much strong than any other centralized website account.

But the question is there how the account holder @test420 transferring the balance of victim account to his account. Isn't he is using any steem based dApps or other any kind of browser extension to fulfil his goal. There have a lot of probability. He is not hacking your steemit account he just hacking your personal mail or personal computer. If you are keeping your steemit password on your mail account or any other centralized account he will able to hack it very easily.

Beware about your web surfing and beware installing applications both in desktop and smartphone. Don't surf any pornography website using the same browser or using the same desktop and Smartphone. Don't keep your steemit account password in your mail and google drive.

If you are a victim please read out the original content published by @spaminator link and help them with your surfing history.

Be safe.

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