The water, the breeze, and the leaves of the trees.

I went for walk at a park near my city. It’s a nice little river walkway and it stays open until 9pm. It’s peaceful, hearing the water, the breeze, and the leaves of the trees. Makes you feel like you’re living on one giant organism and it’s all flowing as one. So, come along with me and feel the peace like I did.

The Park

This is the view of the river. It’s not the prettiest park I’ve ever seen, but it has a lot of charm. The power lines cross the river overhead and there’s a walkway going left and right. The river water sounds amazing. There are several spots to set up a hammock. I will be doing that one of these days to just relax without a care in the world.

The Clover

Being the plant person that I am, I love all flowers. I can’t not look at them. Here we have some specimen of clover. In my area we have two types, white and red. White clover is naturalized but not originally native to my region. It’s not considered invasive and actually benefits the local ecosystems by gives bees and other insects a great location to obtain pollen.

The Blackberries

The white flowers of all these plants are striking in the light of the moon and lamp posts. The blackberries here look so elegant. I’m excited to eat some wild ones this year. Hopefully, I can grab some before the mice and birds do!

When it's over

Last, I have a picture on my way back to go home. I think it’s a very apt picture for the end of my post. The fallen petals from a nearby tree speckled the ground like confetti. All the plants I viewed tonight all had white flowers. They had shown their brilliance at night very easily.

Thanks everyone for taking a short stroll with me. I hope you feel some peace, just as I did when I was walking around the park that night. As always, I appreciate each and everyone of you who read my posts, comment, or like. I love you all!


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