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It's good to be here again today and I hope you're all doing well and having a great day. I am here again today to share with you about the new breed of birds I just got.

Though, this particular fowls are local birds but they are more different to that of my own tribe Yoruba. The are called Fulani fowls and they usually look huge more than our own types of fowl. Fulani are one of the tribe in my country and they are known for raising of different livestock. You can find them in any part of the country as there are more of nomadic farmers. They love to travel around the country and I have been interested in raising their kind of fowl for a while now, but I am happy to get them in my yard.

In one of my last post in which I talked about my experience being a livestock farmer. I mentioned how I decide to add more livestock to my garden and also I talked about how I order four fowls. I have been expecting them to be delivered to me but due to some reasons, I have to be patience about it since they are coming from far away but fortunately I am able to get them in today.

I actually order for four fowls and each of them cost me $1. But I only get three fowls delivered to me and I am told that one of them have died due to the heat and stress during the journey. I felt bad but the deed has already been done.






Immediately I got home, I put them in the empty cage which was formerly occupied by my turkey birds. At first they are looking anxious as they found themselves in a new environment, but after I loosed the ropes in their legs, give them some grains and water, then they are feeling at home already. They instantly drink from the water as they have been dehydrated due to the hot weather and the stress of long journey. They now look more comfortable in the cage and playing around. I will have wait for some days before I can let them play around my yard.

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