Cook With Us #20 - Snacks and Quick Bites – Bacon & Cheese Sesame Seed Twists

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Who can resist a snack or a quick bite? I know I can't; especially something cheesy and crunchy:)

I dare you to have just one of these flaky Sesame Seed pastries filled with hot English Mustard, Bacon & Mature Cheddar Cheese - and I bet my bottom dollar you will be going to that platter again and again; they were absolutely irresistible!

I think most of my foodie friends know by now that I love using ordinary pantry staples in my cooking and baking; not only does it save the bucks, but it also saves a ton of time and effort!

So for this week's Cook With Us Challenge, now on Whaleshares but still run by the masterchefs @pandamama and @offoodandart, I've made Bacon & Cheese Sesame Seed Twists using a flaky buttery homemade pastry filled with a good quality hot English Mustard, Bacon bits & Mature Cheddar Cheese.
Would love to compete with some of our old contestants over there :)


Flaky Pastry

  • 125 gram Ice Cold Butter
  • 375 ml Cake Flour
  • Salt
  • 1 Egg yolk + enough Cider to make 100ml liquid - you can drink the rest;)
    Digressing from my pastry recipe here - it usually calls for 2 tsp vinegar & iced water but I felt like trying cider & it worked like a charm.
    Grate most of the butter into flour & salt & work in with a knife till it resembles fine breadcrumbs.
    Add liquid and knead to a smooth pastry.
    Roll out into a long rectangle, grate some butter on one third, fold over, grate remaining butter over, fold final third over & pastry's ready for action.
  • Hot English Mustard
  • Approx 200 ml Mature Cheddar Cheese - grated
  • Approx 100 gram frozen Bacon - dice into tiny pieces whilst frozen
  • 1 Egg - beaten
  • Sesame Seeds
    Roll out pastry into a rectangle, fairly thin.
    Spread on half with mustard, top with Cheese & Bacon.
    Fold over pastry & press down a little to seal.
    Cut into strips, give an egg wash on both sides, roll into Sesame Seeds & twist.



Leave in freezer for approx 10 min.
Bake at 190C till a nice golden brown.
Place on wire racks to cool a little before serving.




I enjoyed my snacks with a light Cider and served them in these quirky glasses we bought from a street vendor who made them from old cider bottles, quite ingenious!
Savanna Glasses.jpg


A quick look at the making of these snacks:

First shared on my Whaleshares blog for #cookwithus.

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This is absolutely delicious! Oh, my!! You have used all the things I love. Okay! The hot mustard is a favorite of mine! Bacon I like as a flavor and cheddar cheese?

What is not to love?

Then wrapped all up with love and a few sesame seeds? Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Upped and Steemed


Thank you so much @dswigle, really enjoy your visits; like a breath of fresh air!

Wow, those look and sound so good! I would probably skip the mustard as I'm not a fan, but I'm sure it does add to the flavor of the dish! It's always cool to see your posts and what food you're serving up! Yum!!

Thank you @apanamamama, I'm sure it will still taste good without the mustard. Nice seeing you here:)

Thanks! :) I'll be in and out probably. Life is just so crazy with six kids. Who would've thought? ;)

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halo dear @lizelle, I love your posts, with your descriptions so detailed about the preparation and those adorable photos that without a doubt describe the goodness of your snacks !! the recipe is delicious, I love the idea of mustard and sesame seeds !! great for an aperitif :-))

Ah thank you so much @ road2horizon, the sesame seed did add the wow factor, was a great aperitif indeed!

I can imagine :-)) keep on

Continuously surprising us with delicious treats to try out, melting moments of flavour @lizelle.

Congratulations on the @curie nomination!

Thank you so much Joan, I will definitely be making these again, they really were yum!

You definitely have patience for what I call fiddly cooking, most things with dough I will botch up!

My mother always tells me the same, she loves baking with pastry but not fiddly stuff, I love fiddling in the kitchen though :)

Excuse me but want to adopt me? :D My family does not cook as tasty as you ahahha is that wow looks super rich

LOL you're welcome to pop in anytime;)

Those look and sound so good and tasty they must be hard to resist

They were really delicious although not really healthy;)

Well as long as they were delicious sometimes not so healthy is ok in moderation

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