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"I don't know how you fictional and story tellers do it, but I mostly just get interested in something and find a way to make the words make sense", he broke into her thought again. He heard her gasp out. He didn't imagine she would still be attracted to him. He knew he had hurt her so badly and the last thing he wanted was to lead her on even though he desperately wanted to do naughty things to her, right there on the couch. He immediately shook off the thoughts as he felt her piercing gaze on him.

Dasilva just sat there looking at him. She was thinking of what response to give and finally decided to just say "well fiction writing isn't easy. It has to do with a great sense of imagination and most times we write from deep emotions like great sadness or love"

The word "love" had fallen out from her mouth before she realised it. Love was a forbidden word never to be spoken by her or Jacob. Why did she have to mention it and at such a moment like this with him sitting just inches away from her. She feared what his response may be. Would this be the end? The end she so dreaded. The end that...

"So you need great sadness or love to write? Which should I offer you?" He teased breaking into her thought once again. Well, this was Jacob, only he knew how to play this mind game with her. He knew her well enough, having worked closely together for two years since she was transferred from the head office at Lagos to Port Harcourt, he was intrigued by her. She was such a presence, a force to be reckoned with. He had never encountered any woman with her level of confidence, her outspokenness. She was a competition but as much as he wanted to win her and get the managerial position, he also badly wanted to win her heart. She was the office sensation, every male colleague wanted her. When he found out from Joyce that she had made a bet with her to get him laid, he only made it easier for her after all it was a win-win situation.

"Which do you choose?" She dared him wondering what his next response would be.

"I don't know how to make people greatly sad" he chuckled.

"Do you know how to make people fall in love?" Dasilva knew better than to ask this question. Of course he knew how to make people fall in love. He has her drooling all over him, crazingly in love with him still, but he doesn't know that, she thought to herself. He thinks she hates him now. He thinks after that incident that...

"If I say yes, I would sound like a player, and if I say no, I'll sound like someone who has no love and no care inside", he replied calmly watching her every move. She understood the game he was playing. He understood that she understood it too, but he loved the effect It was having on her, the uneasiness. He held her trembling hands pulling her closer to him. That scent of his, she has always loved it. She can't resist it. It's been a long time but maybe finally he would get to...

"Which are you? A player or someone with no love inside?" She pried into his thoughts.

"I'm just a guy, with so much love to give", he replied kissing her forehead and messing with her. The simple gesture of a kiss sent chills from her head down her spinal cord to in-between her thighs and she could feel the arousal brewing. Damnit! Where is this Caregiver and how long would she take before she gets back from wherever the hell she had gone to. Somebody had better save this situation.

"Do you love me?" She asked almost slapping herself for asking the most stupid question at such a time like this. Like seriously? How stupid could she be.

"Wrong question", he said placing another kiss on her forehead. "Right question would be did I stop or did I find a place to hide it". He was seeing it all, the twitching of her legs, her eyes closing each time he planted the kiss on her head and her lips gently parting beckoning on his. He liked that he made her vulnerable. She had always made him vulnerable, today he was in control and it felt good.

Dasilva should have stopped but being an expert at taunting people and playing games she continued. There is no way she would let Jacob have this much control. She calls the shot and this time, it wouldn't be different. "So did you stop or did you find a place to hide it?"


Jacob released her from his embrace, sitting her upright, he brought her face so close to his that their noses were just few inches away from each other and just a bend of any of their heads would mean a kiss. A kiss, the thought of that made her feel a knot tighten in her stomach. A kiss and what next? She could hear his breathing increase with every tick of the clock and she could feel her own heartbeat. she desperately needed to be kissed. It's been such a long time but not by Jacob. With Jacob she loses all self control. He does things to her no one would ever dare to.

She remembered the last time their lips locked together, that windy evening under the starry sky. How he held her like he would never let her go, his tongue devouring her mouth and searching every corner of it for some connection and his hands inside her tank top reaching for bra, unstrapping it and cupping her breast in his hands. She let out a moan and immediately felt embarrassed. She couldn’t believe just thinking about the last time would have this much effect on her. She silently prayed he hadn't heard the soft moan. He touched her face and with his index finger removed a strand of hair rising and falling with each movement of her eyelid and tucked it behind her left ear.

"You hated me after the stunt I pulled ", he continued this time bending his head. Is he going to kiss her? Oh dear! Dasilva legs grew weak immediately. The knot in her stomach grew tighter. A part of her wanted to stand up and run but a part of her wanted to be there, right there, in his sweet embrace, with his lips locked with hers as they explore each other. Part of her wanted him so bad. She had forgotten about the stunt he pulled. Who cares. Kiss me already she wanted to scream.

Just at that moment, the door flung open and her Caregiver walked in and just like that, the whole electricity fired up dissolved and she breathed a sigh. Good sign or bad, I guess Jacob would never know.

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