Mushroom emerging from the ground cover - Infrared Photography

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While walking a trail at this wildlife management area, I saw a mushroom cap sticking out of the ground. The area was wooded and had some large trees all around. Along with some kind of plants growing on the ground all over campsite. It has made a mesh of plant vines growing on the ground, no more than an inch or two tall. Though this mushroom was towering over the small cover on the ground.

These photos are my posts for #fungifriday


Camera ModelLumix GH3, modified by LifePixel for Full Spectrum
LensOlympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm-50mm
Filter850nm Infrared Passthrough filter
Shutter Speed1/125 sec
Film Speed200
SpectrumInfrared (IR)
Wavelength850 nanometers
LocationWildcat Creek Campground, Georgia USA.


Growing behind this little mushroom was a massive tree, and along the forest floor was some kind of creeping vine. Making the ground reflect infrared light giving it a white color.


It was quite a fresh mushroom, nothing has eaten it yet. Maybe its poisonous, thats why.. though I do not know.


It looks like the mushroom is growing from some wood under the soil. So it may be a wood loving mushroom. Though besides that I am not sure what kind it may be.


The mushroom was growing on top of a bed of smaller plants. Making a blanket of greenery on the floor of the forest.


I also came across a Fern that had a mushroom cap growing up near it. Ferns use spores to reproduce so I guess its fitting to have them next to each other. Both the Fern and Mushroom looked quite happy growing on the forest floor. The creeping plant can be seen to the right of the image as well.

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I take pictures with a special camera. Its a Mirrorless DSLR that has been modified by Life Pixel to see light in other wavelengths. This allows my camera to see light in the Infrared [IR] around 1300 NM wavelength, through the visual spectrum and into the Ultraviolet A and B wavelengths roughly into the 300 NM wavelength.

I carry many filters on me to make the photos you see in my blog, these filters screw on my lens and help me isolate certain wavelengths for certain scenes. These filters can be IR / UV pass-through filters to assist me get a natural photo taking out the UV and IR light. Or I may use a Infrared pass-through filter capture just IR light. I can do the same with UV light as well, though I need some better filters which they can cost a few hundred dollars for true Ultraviolet pass through filters. So for right now I have B + W 403 bandpass filters that still allow some IR light in, due to their cheaper material.

There are also exotic glasses made of sapphire and germanium I am open to working with to replace my silica glass hot mirror with a material that allows even longer wavelengths of infrared to enter my cameras sensor. Special sensors, lenses and filters of that material would be needed as well, so it would be a big project but one that may give some even more unique photography results.

Addresses below to help me buy better camera equipment and support me to travel to locations to do photo and video and overall great blogs in new places. I would be happy to list some of the contributors in my posts for donations that help me along the way.



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Very cool images.
I love the IR!
Thanks for sharing your post on #pypt @pypt !

Thanks alot.. they sure did come out interesting

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Marshmallow hat :D so cool!

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Nice photo :)

thanks alot

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Mushrooms that taste like chicken? Yum, yum!

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Mitakies taste like chicken, they are also known as hen of the woods.

Mushrooms are so underrated in a diet. Always on my pizza :P

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Yeah they sure are good for ya.. idk if these ones are though.