An Update on the Heron Family

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It has been a week since I last visited the Great Blue Heron colony.I thought I should go back and see how the baby herons are doing.The first thing I noticed was how much the babies have grown! And how loud they are, demanding attention and food from mom.


After a short while, mom can't take any more. She steps aside and lets the children play...


Or fight. Whatever you call this. They were certainly squabbling and carrying on.


And where was dad though all of this? Dad says that constant maintenance is needed on the nest. Here he comes flying back from Home Depot with some new lumber.


Dad listened to the little monsters children fighting for about one minute. It's clear that he just can't handle it...


"Ummm.. I forgot to get a screwdriver" he says. "I'll be back as soon as I can." And that's the last we saw of papa today!

All photos were taken by me @keithboone.

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Wow! This is indeed a fabulous post and i really hope it goes viral.
Mom's hairdo in that first picture is stunning and the babies haircuts reminds me of some youngsters today. I think mom gells their hair lol.
They call the hair grease "gell" over here.
You have two young John Travolta's here.
Dad's excuse is also a clever one.

I don't often resteem posts, but this post deserves a share.
Hope that you get the value that it deserves!
Congrats on a great post my friend!

Thanks so much, my friend. I'm so happy you liked this... your commentary on the post is better than the post itself :-)

Just an honest appreciation of something that I love Sir Keith!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Thank you, I appreciate the support!

I love seeing the youngsters and them being fed by mother heron, Keith. Typical dad having an excuse to get away from the robust babies.😂

Thank you Jo, it's possible that I was projecting just a bit... I'm pretty sure I'd never return to that nest! 😀


Hey buddy it's been a while
Heron famz look cutes. Nice photo shot too.

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Hey, how are you? Thanks very much :-)

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Hahaha!😀 Great shots of the entire heron family. Look at how big those babies have gotten! The mom must be feeding them well. And I suppose with a house that size it does need constant maintenance!
Thanks for posting to the #featheredfriends Community

Thank you, Melinda! Glad you enjoyed the post :-)

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Reminds me of a Disney song, "the heron and the otter are my friends".

the heron and the otter are my friends

Thank you very much. I found the song with those lyrics:


Wow, cool photos of this family, Keith, they remind me on my own family, especially I can clearly see similarities between my twins and these two young guys 😉
Mama feeds the kids and papa observes until he has enough and flees ... that's like at home 😉

Your story is so funny and the photos are great suit your text ... the kids fight and mom looks away as if she didn't care - just cool 😊

Cheers and !BEER

Hehe... reminds you of your family, does it? Wow! Maybe all twins act like these little guys. I'm happy you liked the photos and story, Johann. Thanks very much!

You're very welcome Keith, it was a great pleasure for me to read your story and see the photos behind ... or vice versa 😉

Cheers and !BEER

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How cute poor old mom and dad's of to the pub his not hanging 🤣

Yep, off to the pub, that's right! :-)

Sneaky bugger 🤣

Great shots my friend as always. The family dynamics add so much value to this blog!

Thanks very much, Trudee :-)

What amazing looking bird them Blue Heron's are poor mum can't keep up and dad's no help of to get a screwdriver yeah sure 🤣

Well those kids got a screw loose for sure so dad was only trying to help! ...and then he got lost and couldn't find his way home from the pub :-)

Haha..that's his excuse and dads sticking with it 🤣

Oh, how delightful! Look how big these guys are! I will bet by now, they have probably fledged. Nature is so quick to boot them out on their own.

Of course, if my kids fought like that, I might be tempted. These are awesome shots with a great vantage point. Did you use a ladder?

I actually keep a stepladder in my car, just in case. You never know when you may need one. It keeps the shovel and pail company, in case I see some rogue flowers that need to be transplanted to my yard.

I'm taking these home and getting those squawking babies out of your hair!

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Hi Denise! I don't think they can fly yet. I met another bird photographer who told me they won't fly till the end of June. The nest I photographed is very high up at the top of a large tree so I had to stand back at least 50 yards to get an angle which lets me see anything.

Thanks for taking the little monsters home, the noise (and smell) was starting to get on my nerves! :-)

Always a pleasure! They are so very cool looking. I have them at the Shore House, but, have not spent a lot of time there this season. They have more COVID than the DC area. Yikes.

Wow... how is the DC area in terms of covid? We are officially clear of it on Vancouver Island. No new cases since May 7th and zero active cases. I'm worried that we will get hit hard if it comes back in the fall and winter because not many people here have developed immunity to it.

It's so new, you really think people have developed much of an immunity to it? Just do the needful and keep your immune system healthy, making sure you have enough vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc and Elderberry. There are more and everyone has their view on it, but, I am pretty sure you are up on it all.

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Oh very nice pictures. Birds are something Special. I always love taking Pictures of them.