WednesdayWalk: A Bountiful Harvest In Our Small Farm - A Blissful Day With A Smile

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Good day everyone! This is my second time posting on #ASEANHiveCommunity.

Thanks for the collaboration of WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay and MakeMeSmile by @elizacheng for the intention of bringing fun and smile... I also wanted to thank @elizacheng and @tattoodjay for the prize I have received. I am so grateful and also having fun with this community.

Sunshine, fertile soil, rain, and good seed - along with the blessings of our Creator became our food, our daily bread, and much more. It is a celebration of colors, of a beauty derived from simple seeds blessed by the sun and rain.

fruits good harvest.jpg

fruits brazillian starapples.jpg

fruits mangoes by ric lariosa1.jpg

fruits lanzones with Dais Cus.jpg

My mouth watered and salivated the moment I saw the freshly picked fruits. Fresh crimson rambutan, dragon fruit, papaya, lanzones, shiny skin of Brazilian apple, guayabano, aromatic durian and marang, ripe mangoes with a very fragrant aroma yellow and slightly fibrous, delicious oranges and calamansi, yummy duhat, banana (saba) which is good for people with high blood pressure and the so-called fruit of life, coconut (buco). Fruits from the seed of love and care for the fertile soil.

fruits guayabano.jpg

fruit sabang saging1.jpg

The fruits are picked and placed in various containers and brought to the well to wash and remove the sometimes small fruit animals and traces of dirt. Everyone was happy with the many fruits that were harvested from the small farm that my parents had set up. The harvest is plentiful today even though sometimes there is a slight problem with the extreme heat of the weather and the leaves of the fruits dry out and sometimes the flowers fall off when pests attack.

fruits marang durian and buco with dais cus.jpg

fruits duhat.jpg

It is nice to have a small farm, especially at this time of year with pandemics, you have your own garden that will bear fruit for a few months. Our father taught and trained us to grow organic fruits and vegetables for good health.

gardening patola and papaya with uncle jesse.jpg

In a world like this, radical self-care is part of not only surviving but learning how to thrive and make new and better choices.

plants and farm with dais cus1.jpg

It was indeed a delightful day with my #WednesdayWalk on our small farm. It was blissful. A moment of relaxation seeing the bountiful harvest that left a smile not only to my lips but also in my heart.

Taken using my iPhone 6 Plus
Camera Setting: Portrait setting/ HDR
Location: Laguna, Philippines

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Oh these are my favorite fruits, I miss to eat them.

Really? Oh, you might as well get some of those healthy foods. I believed there are lots of those in your place.

Here have some fruits and not have fruits like our ASEAN and it has expensive prices. So difficult to buy eat everyday.

Oh, now I get what you are trying to tell me. So sad that you cannot eat those fruits every day. You can also plant some of those fruits in your backyard or in a pot.

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Loved your Wednesday walk ate. Nice kaayo ang mga flowers. 🌺🌼💮

Thanks for dropping by bro and enjoying your reading as well as admiring that beautiful flowers on my #WednesdayWalk that makes me really Smile because of the good harvest this year though some of those fruits produce all year round.

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Wow! What a beautiful farm you've got there. All fresh fruits that our body needs.

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Hi, there sister. It's just a small farm that produces good and healthy fruit. We are grateful that in these days that there is a pandemic, we have foods to harvest on the farm.

What a great selection of fruit

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

I am glad that you like what we harvested from our small farm. I will see to it that I will always have a share of my #WednesdayWalk every week. Thank you.

Glad you will join the walk again I love seeing peoples walks from around the globe :)

I will see to it that I can join the #WednesdayWalk every week.

Cool :)



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Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

Thanks. Have a great day to you as well.

I will do my best
have a great day and weekend

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I am glad that you like those fruits that the family harvested on our small farm.


have a great day and weekend

Have a great weekend to you too.

Thanks :)

@JustinParke here on behalf of ASEAN Hive Community.

That is a major score!! If you need any help eating all of that fruit, just let me know. Thanks for supporting this community.

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If you are just here in the Philippines I can send some of the harvested fruits 😊

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Really? I will try to join. Thank you for inviting me 😉

Delicious fruit

Thank you so much.

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