Drawing With S-Pen 5 - Ship on Water

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I woke up to making an S-Pen sketch on my phone illustrating a ship on water with its reflection in the water.

I have been having this mind of drawing a ship on water for such a long time with a different concept and it became a success this morning. As seen drew in the drawing is a ship on water and 2 birds flying over the ship. The beauty of the sky is represented and is given concentration. These drawings with S-Pen had been a test to bring out the wild creativity in me and also to be more skilled.


  • infinix note 4 pro
  • s-pen








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Thank you so much

Wow your drawing is really impressive..I loved the colors you have used at the sea and also the shadow of the boat. Well done!!

Am glad and honored to receive this comment. Thank you so much. I really appreciate

This is really good. I love how dramatic the colours are, they stand out so much

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Wow, great sketch! Lovely and colourful.

Thank you so much.