ENGAGE ON HIVE: The Mind Of A Bully

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All I want is to have a quiet and normal life but they just won't let me. I tried to bow down my heads hiding from their gazing eyes looking for someone to taunt but their eyes spread and travel at a great speed and they always caught me.
That was me during my primary and secondary school days.

Have you ever been bullied or experience someone being bullied or maybe you have being a bully yourself? Well, it doesn't matter if you are in any of these categories or not for you to be interested in this topic.
Bullying is the act of intimidating, taunting, making jests of a person especially one who is perceived as being weak.

We do see bullies everywhere as I don't think there is an adult who hasn't encountered a bully in their life journey. Your mind may travel far and wide to know why a bully has such cruelty? As they normally haunt others that are weak or perceived as weak.
I was a victim of bullying during my primary and high school days, because of my quiet and gentle nature. And if you ask me how I offend the bullies, my reply will be we never even had an encounter before they start bullying me.

You don't have to have an encounter or issue with a bully for them to start intimidating. The mind of a bully out there is mainly filled with low self-esteem. And if you are ignorant you may see them as people who possess high self-esteem but actually each day they are dying from low self-esteem that's turning them unknowingly into monsters.



What Makes A Bully

There are many reasons why a person bullies others and base on my personal studies this usually comes from low self-esteem on the part of the bully.

Revenge; It may be funny but some persons do become a bully because they are seeking revenge and the weird thing is that their bullied isn't usually who offend them.
I remembered a bully in the workplace who I later on realize was against me because his ex-girlfriend who ditched him happened to be from my state. I wasn't the one that broke his heart but I ended being the bully.

Another reason is the urge for power, a person who is seeking power is not pleased and settled with him/herself. It's not wrong to seek power but when it's for the wrong reasons such a one is definitely having self-esteem issues.
To a bully, bullying others means power and a way of exerting their power to the world.
One of the reasons also is when they perceived a threat; If a bully sees someone as a threat that will surpass or rip them of a position they do feel intimidating that and will try to make such a person beneath or under them. In reality, the person may not even be a threat to them but they just feel so.

Other reasons why a person can become a bully maybe from past experience. Some persons who were once victims of the bully may turn to bullies themselves due to anger and payback(which can also be linked to revenge). In the act of fighting off their bullies, they may also become a bully to the person that was bullying them initially.
Also, some bullied persons see it as a norm to be bullied and being a bully, so to them being the bully seems like an advantage to them.

In all, I will say to defeat a bully you just got to keep yourself high because their ultimate goal is to see you down and kill your self-esteem as they already have low self-esteem.
Remember their low self-esteem is always hidden but when you look and study them well. You will realize they are fighting with themselves.

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Thanks for reading. I remain @prechyrukky

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Thank you. I appreciate

There are many bullies in the world, and they do so for many I suppose. It's not ok to bully someone however you're right in that it indicates a lack of something inside the bulky themselves and not necessarily the person being bullied.

Thanks for your post for the posting initiative and I hope you will continue to write here on hive with such passion and quality moving forward.

You are welcome and thanks for the lovely contribution

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Walk away from the bully!

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