A Belated Fungi Friday

in Fungi Lovers7 months ago

The fungi in my local woods have come alive these past few weeks. I've not seen any of these puff balls around for awhile. Not sure what their real name is but nice to see something different.

There are quite a lot of these - not sure what they are. Are they called Dryad’s Saddle?

I've no idea what these are but it was a nice change seeing some on the floor instead of on the trees.

I've had a quick google and these look like trametes versicolor. Even if they are I don't think I'm going to remember the name!

I haven't seen this kind of fungi before. Elephant dung springs to mind. Not that we get many elephants in the wood!

#fungifriday initiated by @ewkaw.

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.


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Thank you!

I like those orange turkeytails. The top one is lion's mane and it's a choice edible. It will eventually grow a bit larger and be ready for harvest.

Thank you. I was hoping you'd come on and tell me what they were. 😊

They are really good, they have a light minimal taste and a texture like crab meat. They need some spices to liven them up. Maybe cook a little bit to get to know the taste to figure out what to cook it with. I always just use them in stirfry. I've been growing my own from a block this winter but wild ones seem to taste a bit better.

Sadly, cooking isn't a skill I have. I can burn a salad! I do love taking photos of them though.

Maybe just scramble them with eggs.