Mountain walk | Paseo por la montaña

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Soft Pastel Painting

Paseo por la montaña

Hola a todos, el paisaje que les comparto esta inspirado en una tarde de senderismo que realice con mi amiga, es a veces difícil acordar con amigos poder juntarse dado a los trabajos y las rutinas diarias, pero por fin se dio la oportunidad de concordar, de escaparnos a la montaña, para poder conversar y disfrutar de la naturaleza, con una hermosa vista del lago. Le he comentado previamente que vivo en un lugar rodeado de montañas, para ser más exacto a unos kilómetros de la precordillera de los Andes, realizando un poco de senderismo y escalada se pude ascender y disfrutar de una hermosa vista.

Mountain walk

Hello everyone, the landscape that I share is inspired by an afternoon of hiking that I made with my friend, it is sometimes difficult to agree with friends to be able to get together given the daily work and routines, but finally the opportunity was given to agree, to escape to the mountain, to be able to talk and enjoy nature, with a beautiful view of the lake. I have previously commented that I live in a place surrounded by mountains, to be more exact a few kilometers from the foothills of the Andes, doing a little hiking and climbing you can ascend and enjoy a beautiful view.


Process Shots | Imágenes del Proceso





Soft pastel on paper

Viviana Villafañe

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I hope you like it, thanks. | Espero que les guste, gracias.


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Thank you very much!

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