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An unbelievable moment was when I discovered the girl I was dating for 2 years plus had died long before I even met her.

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LOVE IS WICKED, well heartbreak not a new thing for me, maybe falling in love isn't my thing to do, this time it ended in a more dramatic way.

I lived in a rented apartment as I was planning on dating before I get married, one Saturday morning after returning from my normal street soccer weekend routine, I saw this lady, she was very beautiful, had glowing eyes just like an angel, I couldn't take off my eyes from her, then I approached her to ask for her name, she said Becky, I was full of smiles with the way she replied me, we then exchanged numbers. and started meeting, I brought to my house, she showed me love, and I said to myself I've found love, she was always there for me, but one thing odd about her she barely goes out with me, I never knew why little did I know she had died long before I met her.

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Thereafter I introduced to my family members, love became stronger, in a year later, we started planning on names to give our kids, and how many we intend to have. We had fun together, till now i wished she wasn't who was. One day, two years and few months after we met, i met with a partner I got introduced to in a business I newly started, so I invited my business partner to my house, while I told my girlfriend to prepare us a meal.

On that day, when my friend arrived whose name is David Markus entered, he sat in the sitting room as I called my girlfriend to please serve us the meal when she came out, I saw the unbelievable, my she saw David as he stared at her and shouted Jesus, the plate and food she held fell straight to the ground, she ran into the kitchen, and I never saw her again, I checked the whole kitchen for hours like I was looking for a pin, but could not find her, then my friend told me that she was his colleague at workplace 4 years ago, and she had passed away, had a fatal accident, as he was present on her day of burial. I fell down and wept for being with her for over 2years plus as I never knew about that. How could i have dated a ghost, i asked myself many times.

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