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RE: Another day passed by playing splinterlands and Axie Infinity :)

Hi @mango-juice
I received an Epona card from Airdrop and it is a card I like and as you wrote well in your post it is a very useful card when mana available is low.
I've never played Axie because the transactions on ETH have always been high.
I'm asking you some questions about Axie because I'm considering to start it myself.
Do you think it is worth to start playing despite the high cost of transactions and the initial investment? I heard that to start playing you need 600-1000$, is that true? How much did you start with?
How long does it take to get back the initial capital?


at the moment axie prices are low and ronin wallet has 100 free transactions everyday. you only get cut trx fees when moving eth from metamask to ronin and vice versa.
around 800-1000$ can help you make a very deck with 3 axies to start playing. But ROI is very good because SLP price is high atm.... all that matters if it stays or increase from this. it is a new and volatile project thou, so think twice before getting in liberty, :)

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