Another day passed by playing splinterlands and Axie Infinity :)

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Hello Hive lovers!

I hope you have enjoying the day and playing splinterlands or Axie or any other ones alongside your daily work. In the splinterlands worlds many people are happily singling now as the new dice airdrop card epona recently got distributed among the buyers and some of my known players got their lucky hands on this brand new freshly printed 1 mana card!



Eponas are currently listed on market starting from 29.45$ at the moment and my guess is it wont cheaper any sooner. Moreover, you may started seeing high level eponas now in the battlefield a I guess more people will be upgrading and using them from now on.


The importance of 1 mana cards in mini mana matches is so much that if you have been missing some of them like brownie, creeping ooze, chicken etc you clearly will lose more than others. Now this new legendary 1 mana card from the dice edition has many things to offer at max level. According to her stats, at maxx level, this card contains 3 health with 3 speed and no attack but with 4 awesome abilities strengthen, Divine shield, Immunity and Repair. 4 abilities just for 1 mana! Clearly, this card will go much higher in prices later on as distribution gets less and popularity gets more. I hope to see this card in my collection in future indeed.

Anyways, Only 10 days left for this season to end and I am competing in diamond with all 3 accounts.
I have completed all the quest from 3 accounts today and collected the loot rewards as well. I got a couple of common cards and 55 dec from my own account mango-juice today as you can see below.


Now, talking about Axie, they seems to be really trying hard to get things back on track as
I see them today to deploy another improvement containing lots of optimizations. I had completed my quest earlier the update and collected the 50 slp from daily quest reward.


I have got 243 slp so far which values 68.6$ at per current market price. Now let me try to make 250 before the night thou right now it's not working again heh, so you all better wish me luck ;)

That's it for today friends. See you in y next post. Until then, stay well and keep hustling.

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@joetunex are you following sir mango? He has informative SL posts and is fun to read...

That name sounds familiar its either I follow him or have seen him around I will check.

Dude is a cool fruit. I love this mango😄

Oh yeah I know him 🙂


haha! thank you for introducing her Dynamic. :)

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Its a sir...😄

Hi @mango-juice
I received an Epona card from Airdrop and it is a card I like and as you wrote well in your post it is a very useful card when mana available is low.
I've never played Axie because the transactions on ETH have always been high.
I'm asking you some questions about Axie because I'm considering to start it myself.
Do you think it is worth to start playing despite the high cost of transactions and the initial investment? I heard that to start playing you need 600-1000$, is that true? How much did you start with?
How long does it take to get back the initial capital?

at the moment axie prices are low and ronin wallet has 100 free transactions everyday. you only get cut trx fees when moving eth from metamask to ronin and vice versa.
around 800-1000$ can help you make a very deck with 3 axies to start playing. But ROI is very good because SLP price is high atm.... all that matters if it stays or increase from this. it is a new and volatile project thou, so think twice before getting in liberty, :)

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Hey @mango-juice, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

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