I'm thrilled to present you the new FEEL GOOD community !

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Hello Lovelies !

Today is the day I share with you my newly created community, in which I invite you cheerfuly to post and contribute if you desire it 😉


You'll find here a community turned towards appreciation and good vibrations.

...where you can post photos, art, or writings that make you feel good, that spread good energies.


If you think that paying attention to everything that brings joy, well-being, contentment is good for you and benefits those around you, then...

come and share everything that makes you happy, makes you smile or amazes you, the simple and ordinary joys

through your photos, your texts, and all that your creativity feels free to express positively.



it's a place to share and appreciate happiness made of simple pleasures


A place to be playful, frisky and creative.

  • You had a wonderful week-end and want to share it ?
  • You spent a sweet time with family,
  • you have met and photographed lovely horses in a field,
  • you have discovered a fantastic restaurant, seen a marvelous film, read a book warmly wrapped in a sweet blanket...
  • you made a cake with your grand-kids,
  • you picked flowers in the meadow,
  • you have enjoyed the sun on your skin and the song of the birds...?

You are at the right place
Share the pics, the writings or the drawings,

the Feel Good community is the place where all these happy treasures of yours, these joyful posts will be welcomed with pleasure and care



And pets being the more genuine and happy creatures,

animals posts are more than welcome, as well as happy colors and overflowing creativity ^_^


Make way for the beautiful, the sweet, the joyful, the fun !

I think you get the idea for this FEEL GOOD community ;-)



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Feeling good is akin to positive energy my friend. This is right in line with my #thoughtfuldailypost movement... good to see positive content being promoted on the Blockchain !tip

@wesphilbin I feel very appreciative of your priceless support, Thanks a bunch for all these curations sent !
and thank you to have make me aware of your #thoughtfuldailypost I must confess I didn't know... !

I think we would indeed benefit from more positivism and we deserve to create ourselves a good and enjoyable life, we would do ourselves a favor if we mostly stop thinking the good life will be brought by others, well it's up to us to focus on what we want to create, instead of looking at the problems and arguing endlessly and paddling upstream...😊
Thanks again and have axffoly.png


You are most welcome! I've not been active as of late due to health issues, but was compelled to create my #thoughtfuldailypost after a suggestion from @brittandjosie at the @steemterminal...

Another great community I think you would love, would be @Innerblocks!


Thanks again for such wonderful words and energy!!

Thanks for the infos @wesphilbin , it's impossible to know everybody in this big place, and only 24 hours a day for everyone, so this is useful when we can get some suggestions...😉 Will have a look, thank you and take care 😊

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sounds good! not sure if I have a lot of positive and etc stuff, but will see. at least I will keep an eye on it. thank you !! resteemed.

positive and etc stuff is indeed funny 😊
Well I think this goes beyond this "positive fashion" thing ...😉
isn't sharing a good moment with your family something you appreciate ? Of course you do, and you already have shared those moments in your posts, I remember recently you wrote about camping you made and it was raining, and then you made shots, and finally you posted them for a reflection challenge...there were a few family shots, this was so lovely to see..
well, these kinda moments can be shared in this community, and when one takes the habit to think in term of "what feel good moment can I have now ?" I think one will seek and find more and more of that moments... 😉

qcvo8b.png much for your appreciation and resteem @qwerrie, and I'm happy you are open to the idea !

Congratulations on your new community #FeelGood!! I am excited for you in your new venture!

Much luck, much love! If anyone makes people Feel Good it would be you!!!!

Bisous! Bisous!

Upped and Steemed to spread your community around!


Thank you much to spread the word my dear Denise ! 😊
I feel alone for now as the only member...LoL...I hope you hit the join button as you are the sun shining here also my Lovelie ! Bisous bisous !


Oh!!! I was in the car when I saw it. I will do it now!!! xo

😚 ❤️

wow, I think it's a wonderful idea!!! I love it! I love to share positive thoughts and good energies and I hope to read a lot of positive things! Good vibes to everyone ^_^

I'm happy you enjoy the concept my dear Silvia ...! Welcome aboard !! xffoly.png

This is a brilliant idea!
Whenever I'll make a Feel-good-post you'll find it here :)

May we use

in our post then?

I love it :)

I'm happy you love the idea @pundito ...Thank you ! 😊

and yes you can use the picture indeed ! ... preferably linking to the community, why I have just added the link to the community in the line below, so that you do not have to search it 😉

[![fidjxq.png](https://img.esteem.app/fidjxq.png) ](https://steemit.com/trending/hive-190931)


Let's do that! :)

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Thank you 😉

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1ynpw5.png much @rozku ! ❤️


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Thank you @alliedforces !! 😊

Thank you Wes ! 😊

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Thanks a lot !

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This is a super fun community @barbara-orenya!!! I love it. ❤ This way we can keep the positive vibes to ourselves! Thank you for initiating this pleasant community. This is just all we need in this time where uncertainty is lurking around the corner.

I will sure be back for my entry. Thank you once again. 😍

1sgfgi.png for your appreciation @gingbabida, I'm happy you enjoy the concept and even more that you want to share some good vibes there !
Have a wonderful day ! 😊

I like it!
Do You have to post with a certain tag???
Thanks & Great Idea!

I'm glad you like it @lesmann ! 😉
To post on the community, you have to either

  • use the hive-190931 as your FIRST tag, which allows you to post from any frontend of your choice
  • or directly post to the community by going there and hit the new post button
    Looking forward to read your contributions ! 😊

Thank You for the reply!
I will try this out,
later today or tomorrow -
But I like that it has no "hard" rules, "Awesome"!
Have A Most Blessed Day!

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This will be awesome Barbara and I am happy to join and contribute to the community with good vibes.

bmna7j.png happy to have your good energy on board @sunscape ! ^_^

I am happy to be a part of the good vibes.

I LOVE, FEEL GOOD COMMUNITY :) Thank you for creating it :)

We would enjoy to have your posts shared in the community ! I'm looking forward to see more ! ❤️

Thank you for a warm welcome :)

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Hello @improv !
I am all for fun stuff, as laughing is the best medicine 😉
So your posting it in the community seems to be a good idea

I have to confess though that, as a non native english speaking i find it hard to grab puns...not that I don't like to play with words, but for example stand-up humor is not my cup of tea at all (being in english or in french), and it's also likely that I will not participate to pun contests 😉 but you can publish your biweekly posts here, if you fear not the lack of audience here at first (it is brand new but it could grow nicely of course 😊 )

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