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RE: Sniffing Out The Letter N

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Good evening Johann. Perhaps you will see Neowise yet.💥 The comet is suppose to be visible for about 8 more days? It’s raining here now so I wouldn’t be able to see anything in the sky.

The mischievous raccoon is having free rein with Peppy not showing up. He eats all the food and carries on his way. I bring the hummingbird feeder in each evening.

Have a great week ahead Johann.😊

Thanks for the engage tokens and other goodies.🤗


Good morning Jo,

yes, I might see it today if the comet isn't too low over the horizon, because to the north there are so many mountains ... I'll see ;)

The raccoon isn't stupid and takes his chance while Peppy is on vacation 😉
Hopefully you don't forget to bring the feeder in.

I wish you a very nice day and a wonderful week, dear Jo ☀️

Cheers and !BEER

Morning Johann. I’m up early this morning and having a coffee. No reason, I just woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. The fog was heavy but now starting to clear. The temp is predicted to go to 25C today. That’s nice weather. Vehicles were going slow on the highway but I see they are back to the usual speeding now the fog is lifting.

I’m hoping you get a shot of Neowise. Even if I see the comet, I don’t have a lens to capture it clearly.

Peppy is still absence. Peppy could have moved around looking for a mate. Or if female I would love to see Peppy return with little ones trailing behind.

Wishing you a blessed and wonderful week, Johann.😊

Hi Jo,

that happens to me quite often too. On working days I usually try to sleep on until it's time, but on weekends I often get up.

We have 25C and a cloudless sky. So we might have a clear night too. Now I can only hope that the spot I want to go tonight will be the right one to see the comet. Otherwise I'll try to drive higher up on a mountain at the weekend.

Wow, that would be cool if Peppy was female and would come back with a few little skunk babies 😁

I hope your day will be nice but not too hot for you 😊

Cheers and !BEER

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