My 2022 Hive Goals - Week 8

2022 Hive Goals - Week 8

Welcome to my weekly series where I attempt to explain my current hive investment strategies and how they are currently performing in the volatile crypto market. As always I hope to make profitable choices but every choice is a learning experience. This week I'm contemplating removing my liquidity From the SWAP.HIVE:DEC pool, because lets face it even with the SPS airdrop 1.229% APR is crap compared to the other places I could be making profit with these assets. I am not saying I'm removing my investment from splinterlands, just shifting it around to be more profitable.
Liquidity Pools

Liquidity Pools

Recently some comments and questions have come about my liquidity pool investments, such as yes they are high APR but they can be dangerous if you don't know anything about them. Yes, this is true and even though hive a small but growing part of my investment I don't throw it around carelessly. ONEUP, CARTEL, NFT Studios (Chifibots), I have and do hang out and talk to these guys and the people involved in their projects, I have confidence in them and their projects. However as I have told you before and will continue to tell you I am not a financial advisor, do your own research. Flauwy is a busy guy but he and his proxies, such Spiritsurge, The Hand of the Cartel will readily answer any of your questions about the projects. Kevin from the Chifibots team will gladly talk to you about pokemon or Chifibots.

ONEUP:LEO - I increased my shares in this pool from 0.009% to 0.02%. However even with 12% bonus shares from my time in the pool my APR has decreased from 216.349% to 163.138% in ONEUP, LVL, MEME, THGAMING rewards.

SWAP.HIVE:ONEUP - I have been adding a lot of my earned ONEUP to this pool and took my shares from 0.002% to 0.016% with 3% bonus shares. The APR dropped off a bit more to 102.6% which is still fairly decent but causing me to question if it might not be better off in another one up liquidity pool with higher APR.

PIZZA:ONEUP - This is the most likely pool that I would move my lesser performing ONEUP to. 216.971% APR in 24 hour rewards and most of the rewards are in ONEUP and PIZZA so it is a self compounding pool, rewards can be added in daily to increase our shares. My shares in this pool increase from just 0.006% to 0.008% from just this compounding over the last week.

SWAP.HIVE:CENT - This is a situation where I'm in a lower APR liquidity pool because I want something in it but lately I have been shifting a little more towards the self compounding pool. My shares in this pool started to drop off this week dropping from 0.124% to 0.116% and 30% bonus shares. The APR fell a few percent to 48.597%

CENT:POB - Another self compounding pool giving POB and CENT rewards. My shares in this pool increased from 0.074% to 0.081% with 29% bonus shares. However the APR has dropped from 87.846% to 77.852%

BEE:SWAP.BUSD - I did not add anything to this pool this week and my shares went from 0.002% to 0.003% with 21% bonus shares. The APR increased from 84.841% to 87.003%. I'm leaning towards people exiting pool but could be bonus shares.

SWAP.HIVE:PLN - Contrary to what I stated above about most of my hive investments, This one I am in just because of the high APR and the gaming Token rewards. Despite adding to this pool my shares dropped from 0.008% to 0.007% with 34% bonus shares. My APR on this pool increased from 351.504% to 402.879%. This pools investment is made from its rewards so I am not risking anything other than what I have earned from it.

SPS:SWAP.STATE - This pool is another self compounding with a slight addition from my SPS airdrop daily. With daily reinvestment of rewards I have increased my shares from 0.013% to 0.015% with 30% bonus shares. The APR on this pool increased from 113.648% to 123.425%

SWAP.HIVE:DEC - Yeah, this is the one I have not been adding to this pool and will be removing what is in there over the coming weeks. The 1.227% APR is ridiculously low and what I have in this pool can earn more money elsewhere.

PIZZA:DEC - I did not add anymore to this pool this week. APR increased slightly to 57.119%. This pool provides DEC, UTOPIS and THGAMING every 24 hours.

SWAP.HIVE:BXT - APR on this pool dropped again this week from 81.059% to 74.236%, leaving me still only collecting 0.003 BXT every 24 hours. I need to increase my amount of BXT to stake for more HIVE rewards.

SWAP.HIVE:SIM - The APR on this pool dropped a little more to 26.112% + 14.531% on the BXT. For this pool I am just re-investing the SIM I earn from it at some point I will be starting dcities and SIM is the games main currency.

SWAP.HIVE:THGAMING - You might find these guys hanging out over at oneup too, if you want to find out more about them. I am reinvesting my earned THGAMING tokens back into this pool to earn more THGAMING, LVL, and BRO with 163.317% APR and no bonus shares.

24 hour rewards from Liquidity


Posts and Curation

Same story here as usual always behind on post but what I manage to get out is earning more interest even in the WEED community which has asked me to stop posting non-weed related content there cause you know weed smokers and cultivators do not need to make money. Going to try to get a few more splinterlands posts out this week got some stuff I want to talk about there.


splinterlands - As suspect so far it has been a mutually beneficial relationship, my rental income from the game has improved already and we are now working on a project together to improve both our incomes. This is also where the ASII Token comes from in my token holdings which pays out a portion of splinterlands investment earnings to token holders, much the way CARTEL, UTOPIS and BRO work. The 171 I have bought earned me 1750.393 DEC at end of season.

Geno Pets - Probably waiting for launch on this one. I am pretty busy right now and do not have the time to hang around and jump through all the hoops to move up the beta wait list.

Hash Kings - Have harvested two crops so far real passive not sure yet how profitable it will be.

Dcity - Still just building liquidity to fund my game play in this when I finally get some reading done to get started.

crypto value
My approximate starting value was $3577.25 with my approximate value in hive ecosystem this week being $3437.08, I have gained and almost surpassed my start value even at the deflated values on the market. This increase was even after opening a couple chaos packs and loosing value there.

TokenCurrent PriceTotal ValueLiquidLiquidityStakedDelegated
crypto value