My 2022 Hive Goals - Week 5

My 2022 Hive Goals and Investment Strategy

Welcome to my weekly series where I attempt to explain my current hive investment strategies and how they are currently performing in the ups and downs of the crypto market. I will discuss the Goal of these investment choices and hope to be making profitable choices. Some of the choices along the way have turned out to be not so profitable as other, but I'm learning and improving as I go along. Join me on this journey and maybe we can make some money together.

Liquidity Pools

Liquidity Pools

Well, I have seen a few more post talking about the change to deposits and Diesel Liquidity pools this week, but still somewhat surprised how little it is being talked about. I still have such a small share in the pools that I'm not seeing a whole lot from the 0.25% fee in trades through the pools, but like with all things hive, it will build over time and the 24 hour rewards are not bad either.

ONEUP:LEO - I did not add anything this week. I'm not earning a lot of LEO currently, like 0.001 a day from leo-curator, so I think I need to be earning a more consistent amounts before adding anymore to this pool. Despite daily 1% bonus shares my share in this pool dropped from 0.008% to 0.007% and the APR dropped from 313.073% to 270.363% which indicates more people getting in to this pool but my rewards shares are dropping. 0.219 ONEUP, 0.029 LVL, 0.038 MEME and a new token 0.008 THGAMING.

SWAP.HIVE:CENT - added some more to this pool and managed to gain slightly and am now at 0.131% over last weeks 0.13%. This is a lower APR pool at 55.226% but I want the SWAP.HIVE, UTOPIS and LVL rewards and it gives me a way to earn from my CENT tokens.

CENT:POB - Despite adding to this pool this week I'm also loosing ground here on shares. This is most likely due to it being the only liquidity pool for POB currently. my shares dropped from 0.064% to 0.063%. I am in this pool because it is the only one for POB and because the rewards are more POB, CENT and LVL.

BEE:SWAP.BUSD - Add a little to this pool this week but a bit in the same boat as LEO, with this pool, I need to earn more bee to better fund this pool. The small add this week kept my shares the same at 0.002%. 24 hour rewards on this pool are giving me more BEE, LVL and PLN.

SWAP.HIVE:PLN - I added to my position in this pool this week but my shares stayed about the same 0.008%. The pools APR dropped from 240% to 217.307% still a nice APR and probably drawing more people along with the fact that most of the rewards are gaming tokens PLN, SWAP.HIVE, BEE, SPS, DEC, SIM, CROP, GAMER, SPT, ONEUP, SWAP.STATE, ENTRY, BATTLE.

SPS:SWAP.STATE - well I am accumulating SWAP.STATE so might as well put it to work for me and seems like others had the same idea as my shares in this pool have gone down also from 0.017% to 0.016%. The APR have moved slightly lower from 108% to 107.104%. the 24 hour rewards provide more SPS, SWAP.STATE, SWAP.DFY and LIST. LIST looks like it may become useful for promotion as I investigate it.

SWAP.HIVE:DEC - continuing to rebuild my stake in DEC liquidity for those double SPS airdrop points in splinterlands. My share in the pool remained the same at 0.001% despite adding to it this week. picking up a little bit of BEE, LVL and BXT from the 24 hour reward but honestly if it was not for the double airdrop points I probably would not be in this pool at 1.072% APR and I may look for a better pool, maybe DEC:PIZZA would probably need more pizza for that though.

SWAP.HIVE:BXT - I have increased my share in this pool and the APR has actually increased from 85.076% to 96.723%, someone probably pulled some of their shares out. This is a compounding pool for me. I am earning SWAP.HIVE AND BXT as people swap back and forth as well as earning 0.003 BXT on 24 hour rewards that I can stake to earn more HIVE.

SWAP.HIVE:SIM - one of the new pools I added this week. SIM is the currency for Dcity a play2earn game I plan on starting in the near future. I'm already accumulating SIM from the SWAP.HIVE:PLN pool so I'm putting it to work here earning more SIM and BXT on the 24 hour rewards.

SWAP.HIVE:ONEUP - 0.002% of this pool at 137.655% APR. 24 hour rewards are giving me 0.056 ONEUP, 0.001 LVL 0.01 MEME, 0.002 THGAMING.

24 hour rewards from liquidity


NOTE: if you are using liquidity pools the same liquidity pools are on both TRIBALDEX and BEESWAP but BEESWAP provides more details on the APR and REWARD. As well the hive rewards from staking BXT comes from the fees charged on BEESWAP.

Beeswap is an application that allows cheap (0.25%) deposits/withdrawals to hive-engine, without changing the size of the entire SWAP.HIVE:HIVE liquidity. This is a bridge service between the native blockchain token HIVE and it's equivalent on the hive-engine side chain, SWAP.HIVE.
Beeswap token(BXT)
Staked Beeswap Token(BXT) will earn 50% of all the fees generated by BeeSwap, currently estimated at 50k hive yearly.

Posts And Curation

Still behind on my posts this week but put in a lot of research into the topics for my future posts and should start to get ahead of the game this week and of as a side effect of my posting being behind so was my curation, good thing most of my tokens are delegated to curators so still accumulating curation is at 3.2%. With the price of Hive being around 1.22 USD I'm trying something new with telling it to pay out all my rewards in HP rather than split them 50 / 50 Between HP and HBD (pegged to around $1 ).


Still attempting to recover my investments in one of the projects and researching the new projects I plan to invest in.

Geno Pets - still waiting on the Beta waitlist for an opportunity to start playing this move2earn game. I already walk the neighborhood with the Dogs at least 3 times why not get paid and have fun doing it.

Hash Kings - Still trying to find time to get started on this one. Hopefully this week will be a bit more organized and can put some more time into starting this one.

Dcity - accumulating tokens in liquidity pools for this game. This Game seems to link other hive games together and allow earning their tokens as well. Starting this sooner rather than later would be beneficial.

Psyber X - I am collecting LVL to get loot crate airdrops for the Game. You can click the link to join their discord where they always have contests and drops going on. As well as up to date trailers on game progress.

crypto value

Well if I had not added more of the tokens I'm holding to the list I would have surpassed my beginning of the year asset value, but we need to be honest here and there are still more assets not on the list so this is just more of an approximation. Nowmy approximate start value is $3577.25 VS my current HIVE value of $2980.78, the main problem would be the splinterlands CHAOS Legion packs that are a long term investment that immediately looses value when you purchase it.

TokenCurrent PriceTotal ValueLiquidLiquidityStakedDelegated


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