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Think about that time when you heard a knock on your door 🚪 and from there everything changed, for good or bad just things changed so rapidly that you had no clue what's happening due to the pace of situations and how quickly things turned.

We often use two Sentences and those are This Feels Like Heaven and This Feels Like Hell. So, people face or welcomes some situations which leaves most beautiful and memorable memories or most painful and hurtful memories.

But sometimes literally feels like life is Betraying us and that is because we walk 🚶 on the good path and put and invest tremendous amount of Time and Energy into something but inturn everything turns upside down and push us into the world of broken and our whole efforts looks like standing on the Platform Of Nothingness.

When things turn out for good then we thanks to whatever Force or Energy we believe in but when things go wrong we express our sadness and anger. But we forget that every essence of life is nothing but new inputs of experience.


I am not talking about the Space here. I want to dedicate Space as literally physical space. Remember one thing we all need our space, if not then in a way we feel like Slave and Caged beings, if that happens then we never feel Free.

I think and in my opinion the whole world is becoming a mess because people are pushed out of their Space and for people Space is becoming smaller and smaller and lives are getting controlled more and more which is Suffocating in a way.

Space is one thing where Human Beings or any Being expresses themselves and create their reality and when their reality is getting a hole 🕳 then things turns negative and lives becomes super dynamic from there. People breaks realities of people.

In my opinion at one place we deal with many Dimensions and every Dimension holds cells of environment which makes us feel in a certain way and those feelings can drive our actions too. That's why people want to be at some place or don't want to because every place and space holds kind of a Energy.


We all are different that's why we have so many differences. Difference is aspect of Duality and this Duality makes a Bond stronger or weaker. The most ineffective aspect of Duality is often people face Lack Of Understanding and it's like a Sinking Boat.

People know that others are different from them but most of the time Line Of Understanding never goes Two Ways and that stays one way which leads to the State Of Mis-judgements which means we are putting others in hurtful situation.

For a moment think that no one were made different ever and everyone is same in all aspects, then it will vanish the aspect of Diversification. If there is no Diversification then in a way we are living a Blank Life. That's why Difference holds it's importance but everything comes with it's own consequences too.

And when we see the life with the Glasses 👓 Of Whole then we see that there are many In Between moments of work and situations which puts people into the State Of Burden. Day in and day out we face in between situations which makes our life really busy and sometimes really crush us to levels where our dreams get crushed.

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"This is my original work."

Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards, Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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Hi @chireerocks

Sometimes we create our own jail.
And we close ourselves to spaces that only depend on one.

Thank you for this excellent reflection, my friend.

That's true. Thank you so much for your deep reflection. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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This is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome and thank you so much for your kind feedback and response. Stay blessed.

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Deep reflections, dear @chireerocks. Indeed we need space, even in the most intimate connections with our loved ones. Our modern societies tend to steal that from us, as they steal our breath, our understanding of the necessity of a slow pace for our thinking, our link to the transcendent things of life.

You've came up with really meaningful and on point response. Stay blessed.

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