Wine Beers!??

in life •  10 months ago 


Howdy, me old beer musketeers!!

I'm off on a tangent this week. One I never thought to go on. What is it you cry!? Are you wearing pantyhose again!?

Not when I'm drinking beer, that's for sure. Oh no. I'll tell you what it is...

Wine beers.

Oat wine and Barley wine beers, to be specific.

I mean really, what the fuck? How can beer be wine or wine be beer? What does the internets have to say on this one?

Despite its name, a Barleywine (or Barley Wine) is very much a beer, albeit a strong and often intense beer. In fact, it's one of the strongest styles. Source

Hmm, well that's reassuring although at the same time somewhat frightening. Very strong they say.

Indeed one of the bloody things is 13.5%

Yikes. I don't think anyone has ever flown so high??

Oh well, time to Icarus up.

So first up we have...


The name kind of appeals. The brewery however does give me pause as I have not had a good run with Beerbliotek.

Still. How bad can it be, I mean, it's beer. Right?


Hey, whaddayaknow. It looks alright, lighter than I imagined. I caught a whiff of something feety but a lot of beers have that.

Let's go, boldly into the wine beer Continuum!!!

Holy shit batman, that was disgracefully bad. Uurghk, it was sweet and bitter with barley and unwashed feet. Let us not forget the feet. I don't know if I can go on. Why are such things allowed to exist?

The taste is haunting me. This is getting ditched in the sink.

1/10 booms!

Hot donk. I still have another one to go.

At least the next one has two things going for it. One, it is barrel aged, always a good thing and two, it was the one I got for free!


The Bear essentials. Ha, I could almost suspect that theBear-Man knows of my nickname for him!

It's barrell aged and it's strong as fuck but... It's barley wine.

Good God, let's get it over with.


It's darker than the last glass of muck. Could that be a good thing? I will let my inner optimist say yes. Coincidentally that is also one of the pet names I have for my penis.

Small world!

Let's go.

Well, it was better than the last one. I will even attempt to finish it. They say barley wine beers can be challenging...

I think what they mean is shit. Although, don't get me wrong. With the bourbon dominating some of the bitter grain taste, it is not too bad.

But I, am not sold on this barley wine malarkey. Never again! I have been duped.

6/10 booms.

I wonder if I will ever be able to get the taste of of my mouth again?

Ah well.

I'm off for some good beers!

Have a good weekend and cheers!!!


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Salud compadre, greetings from México. I been drinking Bohemia beer here in México, it is really good.

Cool! I have yet to try it but will keep an eye out! :OD

Oh well then, wine beers just don't sound good to me so I'm not surprised at all by your reviews. Gypsies feet tho?? lmao ack!!

Off topic but your garden is looking lovely! What a place to sit and have a few good beers!

Cheers!! I have put a bit of effort into it over the years, it is quite the green and pleasant place to sit!

Yeah, wine beers suck ass. Fuck doing that ever again!

No I think I will stay with only wine.... it must be really bad if you do not even finish it. I always think there are people that actually drink it, because they keep on making it.

You can't go wrong with good and honest wine. It was a waste of my beer tasting last night!!

😂Hahahaha, I like my BEER To be BEER And my WINE To Be WINE, thank you very much lol!! Loved your post @meesterboom , very entertaining and deserving of a 100% upvote and resteem! CHEERS MY FRIEND!👍😎🍺🍷🍻🍷🍺

Hehe, cheers lass!! No more wine beers for me!


Unwashed feet lmao !tip worthy

Foul things!! ;0D

@meesterboom hello dear friend, this tasting was disappointing, it was expected, who came up with wine beer, who did it must be sent to be attended by Uncle Boom. With beer you don't play.
I wish you a great weekend dear friend

It's a poor idea for sure. When something works just fine you don't mess with it!!

jeje Me gusto mucho la manera en que hace ese juego con las bebidas personificándolas y resaltando sus características para volverlo algo jocoso :3 Soy nuevo en esta plataforma y espero volver pronto a leer más publicaciones suyas, un saludo. :)

saludos amigo !! contento de verte. La cerveza es una cosa encantadora normalmente. ¡Esta semana no fue tan buena!

I thought the first glass was going over the shoulder - surely a 1/10 should be lobbed!

6/10 seems quite generous for number 2, maybe because the first was so bog-bog-boggin?

Hopefully you have some tasty back-ups and are wading in!

I am on a cracker of a caramel chew chew beer. Which is very very good!!

Yeah, 6 was maybe generous. My head was obviously up my arse in shock after the first!!!

Caramel beer sounds more like it!

Wine beer though - massive doubts ahead of time and overall verdict, arse!

I was half hoping that it might be one of those crazy shockers that is actually amazing but jings no.

I will listen to my inner beer next time!!

Is it wine? Is it beer? Is it gender fluid wine/beer for the millenials? Either way my suspicions that it would be bad were confirmed. I'd rather drink a pint of tennents.

And rather horribly I think I would rather drink a point of tennents and I really really despise that stuff!!!

Quite a bummer mate.

Do have an idea about that "feety" taste of that first one though ...

There it is!! The feet!! I knew it!! Damn!?

Sounds bloody terrible. The aftertaste is rather important. Who buys this stuff to drink normally as they must have a market somewhere.

I think it might be a fad. I have seen it gain in popularity but always thought it looked bogging and was never going to try it. Now I know why!!

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