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When we're married, in college, have a baby, get married, start a new job, and our lives are full of new responsibilities that require much of our attention, we often end up neglecting ourselves, for example. We're usually too busy with our families and jobs, and we've forgotten that we are a multi-dimensional, dynamic individual who has feelings, needs, desires and so forth. This makes us all too easy to neglect or, if we're not careful, replace with some kind of serviceable double, or quad, or even a quint.

It's not easy to be truly healthy in the world, but it is possible. It is possible to reclaim your life, not by giving into some kind of corporate slogan, but by freeing yourself to be present and grounded in all the intricate details of your day-to-day experience. You can be constantly loved by those around you, but you must take care of yourself. Just like your love for your spouse or children allows you to experience full emotional and physical intimacy, your loving yourself can empower you to use this

Find a place where you can read, talk to others, and care for your skin. If you must sleep in the home where your husband/wife/partner is staying, take a takout-sleep pad or a shirt with you to prevent sleeping in direct sunlight. Go outside and spend time in nature. Taking time to relax and feel good will get you there faster.

We don't need to do anything new to solve our problems. But, being able to face our problems and stay positive about them will save time and money and make us feel more resilient to our situations. Exercise and relationships with friends and family work for releasing the stress hormone, cortisol, produced when we're under stress. Cortisol is related to anxiety and that's why getting more exercise can help you reduce your anxiety or even cope with it.

The emotional pain of painful situations and challenges can drain your health resources. These resources have been depleted by relationship problems, stressful or fearful events, and stressful or anxiety-provoking situations. Once you have been there, you know what it's like to be there. It is very upsetting and stressful, especially when the symptoms last longer than the course of an episode. You may worry that you are now in the middle of a depression episode.

Note that I want to emphasize that as much as you can, try not to treat yourself poorly. This is because treating yourself poorly generally goes against your needs for an optimally healthy and happy mind and body, and it doesn't provide much in the way of coping resources. By giving yourself the benefit of the doubt (and giving yourself respect for the fact that often treating yourself poorly doesn't work), you can come up with a healthy set of solutions to feeling bad.

You should act like it. Don't make them wait. Take a trip. Take a day. Pay off your mortgage. Vacation. Spend the night with your family or some other lucky person. Any day. At any time. Don't wait for the perfect moment. Try new things. Try new experiences. You'll feel happier for doing it. If you have an opportunity to improve something in your life, make the effort. It's your right to improve anything you want.


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