Neoxian City Photo Challenge WEEK : #8 - Vacation in Goblin Valley, Utah !!

I have visited many parts of the world but i must say the vacation that sticks in my mind is driving down Highway 24 in Utah towards the Goblin Valley. I felt as if we had landed on Mars with all the rusted-orange mountains and cliff ridges surrounding us.




You know everyone talks about going to beach resorts but when you really get out their and look at what else mother nature has to offer it's mind blowing to know how all this came by how it was formed was their really Aliens on this planet before us no seriously it is very interesting to see and it does make you wonder.




Goblin Valley State Park is seriously one of the coolest places to visit in southern Utah they say these hoodoos have become formed like this over the weathered elements that has been going on now for the past 170 million years is how they have become the hoodoo stacks they are today.




This was definitely a educational vacation away from that city hustle and bustle and the best times to visit Utah Goblin Valley is during the spring and fall it is more comfortable temperatures for exploring.



Contest : #neoxianphotochallenge


Good contribution and beautiful pictures :)

Thank you @yeaho !!

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Thank you so much @neoxian-city very grateful :))

Magnificent photos @bigsambucca!! I would love to visit Utah someday and seeing your photos makes me want to visit even more!! 💖 😊

Thank you @deerjay cheaper then buying a ticket to Mars that's for sure :))

You are very welcome and so true!! 🙂

Oh my goodness these photos are so gorgeous @bigsambucca! :-)
Your mountains and boulders are so lovely!
The next to the last photo looks like a massive ancient castle!

Thank you @shasta i will have to do a couple of more boulder and mountain post for you i have so many photos of when i was in Utah and your right it does look like a huge red castle on the hill :))

Thanks for dropping by @shasta :))


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