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The Portland Bill Lighthouse in Portland Bill, Portland, Dorset is one amazing lighthouse with the most breathtaking views once you have climb the 153 steps you can see Dorset’s beautiful Jurassic coast for miles.


The view from top of the Portland Bill Lighthouse.


Portland Bill Lighthouse stands at a height of 41 meters (135 ft) and has been active since 1906.


The museum beside the lighthouse you can visit also it will give you the history of the many lighthouses that came before, as well as Portland wrecks and island stories.



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I just can believe you about the amazing view from this beautiful lighthouse ! 😊 😍 was the best and the breeze up there was so cool 😀

Very impressive lighthouse ...

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That first image is definitely a WOW shot!
Good luck in the contest! @hangin

Thank you @ninahaskin much appreciated 😊

You're welcome!

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Fantastic shots, the first one is outstanding!
Good luck in the contest!

Fantastic shots, the
First one is outstanding! Good
Luck in the contest!

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Thank you my friend they say you shouldn't shot into the sun but sometimes you do get good shots depending on the angle ☀️ 😊 🌞

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What were they thinking? They let you up there? Does someone still have to be there to make sure the thing is working right? I want that job. What country is this in anyway, Katmandoo?

The Vin is welcomed anywhere remember that sir janton ...This was in England 😊

England. Okay. I still want a job like that. Shoot I forgot that is one of the benefits of being the Vin!

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