Neoxian City Photo Challenge

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Trick or Treat!

Here be monster me, coming in with another entry for...

The Neoxian City Photo Challenge. The topic this week is Halloween.

Win And Grin

A new version and edit of a frame made a while ago.

When shooting with Studio lighting, I use approximately the same parameters:

F8, Shutter Speed 1/125 (usually up to 1/200), ISO 200 (Usually between 100 and 200)

Taken with the Canon 5D Mark II camera body of a friend since my crop camera body virtually zoomed in even more at the widest and I had not enough distance to use my 70-200 mm lens. The full-frame camera allowed for wider shots in there.

Good luck and have fun!



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Congratulations @manoldonchev Here is your first place prize.


!neoxag 800

Thank you very much!

Very effective photograph and lighting, pumpkin edit stands out with nice warm glow, good luck in the competition @manoldonchev

Thank you, @joanstewart!

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Nice! I like the selective black and white. Good luck!

Thank you. Come join us.

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Okay, you convinced me. I've put in an entry.

I do love your photography and specifics for how you took your shot! Photography is something I'm just trying to learn (trying to move away from having my point and shoot on automatic) so those make for wonderful tips!

Happy about it. When you got questions, shoot.

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Great photo, I like it...

Thanks! It was my first attempt and an idea that needs some more work. Eventually.

Very clear and the lighting makes that pumpkin stand out dominantly.


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