Neoxian City Photochallenge - Lighthouse

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I am Happy I can walk again :) :)

So today with my crushes and two friends we go to take a little walk. It felt good to walk and see the lake, it's very relaxing.

I have taken a picture that I want to share with you. It is the lighthouse of Auvernier.

WhatsApp Image 20200115 at 22.33.56.jpeg

Location: Auvernier, Neuchatel Switzerland - taken with my Wiko Lenny 4.

I wish you to have a wonderful sunny week.

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Thank you very much, I will see to participate, have a great week.

I take it Auvernier is the Lake then, I like the light pole, looks like it also has some weather measuring instruments attached. I love Switzerland although mostly have only been to Zurich and the Swiss Alps. !COFFEEA

Yes, there is some mesuring instruments on it, Auvernier is a nice little city near Neuchatel is quiet and calm. Swiss Alps are just wonderful but next time come to visit, there is also a Jazz Festival.
Thank you for the coffee ;)


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N8ce photo shoot

Thank you