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I'm not sure if I can still submit this entry on time as this is already the fifth day since the publication of the announcement. T__T Hopefully, I can still join. Anyway, if I don't make it on time, at least I tried.

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This time, the topic is about "Bridges". Sure there are bridges in the Philippines, but I decided to share a picture of a bridge from my father's hometown. Well, this bridge is located in a park called "People's Park". It's just a simple one, but I hope you enjoy it. :)


It might look like a bamboo bridge, but it's actually concrete. It's situated in the middle of an artificial river flowing from an artificial waterfall. In the next picture, I took it from the side of the artificial falls, so basically it's another point of view. :)


Well, I took more pictures of the bridge with three of my favorite people on it. They're my mama, papa and grandma. Please take a look at the unique bridge and my lovely models.




In the background of the picture, you can actually see a view of the sea and a nearby island. That island is called Sipaway island which is also known for its beautiful beach and resorts. We used to go to that island when we were kids.

Anyway, I took these shots using my Nokia 5 phone and enhanced or editted them through PhotoScape desktop app. I hope you enjoyed this entry of mine. See you again soon! Have a great one!


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