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Steemit has come a long way and we are now in the era of tokens, steem-engine tokens, airdrops of so many names at the steem-engine, when using @steempeak you'll see so many tokens there in your wallet with so many outrageous names to the points that one could call the token name God.

Am here to present briefly my top 5 communities which am sure will/can make good use of this delegation.

freewritersimages (13).jpeg

  1. @freewritehouse owned by all the freewriters on Steemit with the help of our mama @Mariannewest and her sisters @fitinfun @wakeupkitty and brothers too @improv (A master of pun) and the community has grown to be a force to be reckoned with among writers and would be writers, making pro from amateur, learning and relearning the art of writing be it poetry, prose or any creative writing. @freewritehouse got you covered.

This delegation is going to go along way in helping us and inspires the more best in us to write more and curate more articles.

The @freewritehouse also has weekly contest among her members which encourage more relationship and interaction. We also support the #seven77 challenge.


2.@creativecoin, since I've heard about this community, I've come to love there ideology and all what they stand for, you can read more about them here 👇

Creative coin

There terms and conditions and what they encourage goes fully in line with the mission of the @freewritehouse : Creativity.

You are going to help a lot of creative writers and artiste if you delegate to this community.


3.@steemitbloggers owned by @jayna, though am not a member of this community I've seen there handwriting on the wall several times here and it's amazing how much there community has put into making it one of the most consistent productive community on the #steem blockchain.

A delegation to this community is a delegation to one of the most matured community ever on the Steem blockchain.


4.@actifit despite the fact that this app is known for action, activities and the likes I must say that they stand for so many things not very well known among steemians, they also encourage quality posting as one of the criteria for upvote and token gifting. And I want you to know too that they have a large number of active steemians database who use there platfrom everyday.

Recently @actifit got some staked amount of #sportstalk #zzan and #pal token and some others too are on the way which shows there eagerness to reward there users the more.

curieges (13).jpeg

5.@curie. Everyone here who that is, yes, the most sustainable community ever on Steemit, the most quality rewarding community on Steemit. If you have spent a year here, I don't need to tell you who @curie is, you know, except you are not writing quality post, I really don't need to reintroduce who they are cause no one can ever object to the delegation of tokens to @Curie , we all know they are going to make good use of it. There track record is plainly open to check.

@curie is the father of all curating community on Steemit


The above is my entry into @zaku contest


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Great post. Think you give me too much credit if it comes to freewriting. But it is my number 1 too.

Actifit I use now for 8 days, indeed way more as expected.

I find it hard to choose for a site now, palnet, reggaesteem I try out first. One of the tokens I like is BEER.

Pity enough myinternet is too slow to check outeverything. I made a list gor when to do what as fast as possible 💕

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wow nice and in detail , Thanks for your participation :)