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I finally had a little time to sit down and make something this morning. I've been a bit slammed recently. School's started again and my family situation has changed a bit which has resulted in me having even less free time.

Such is life. Anyway this morning I went down a creative rabbit hole with trails. Not too long ago I discovered this nifty node in my renderer that for the longest I had no idea what it did. Clearly named by a programmer(sorry for the programmer bigotry, but you know it's true) it was un-descriptively named "W Coordinate"


What I discovered is that it allows me to shade/color trails along their length. I can think of at least 5 better names for that node, anyway, after figuring that out a while back, today I had some time to play around with it. What I ended up doing was tying it to the light emission in the trail shader so that only the tips emit light. It started here.


Everything always starts on a donut. Then I played around with a more interesting angle and some camera depth of field.


Then lastly, I emitted the trails from a more interesting model and had them be constrained to the dimensions of a female bust model, which is the first one. The facial details get lost, but I'm fine with that, there's enough there that you can tell it's human. Sort of gives the feels of some cosmic being or something.

Hope you like, see you all in the next post!


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To the coder who wrote the thing and knows exactly what it does, the name makes perfect sense and it's the artist's fault for clearly being too stupid to understand what they're doing XD

Most of Blender's nodes seem to have sensible names though I'm still learning how to put node trees together (mine are extremely basic).

Yup, that’s how they all think. Oops, there I go being a bigot again 😜