My Halloween Gif(t)s For You

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Trick or Treat, monsters and witches!


I prepared a couple of Halloween Specials for you. Using, as usual, my own images, my own carving, all almost real-time. Well, far from real-time but I mean they are fresh. And it took hours more than a couple of hours to cut into this hard pumpkin.

I don't mean putting together the gifs. It's quickly done by loading small-sized images into, e.g., Photoshop>Window>Timeline, then click Create Frame Animation, then Add Media, adjust timings, and that's it. Ready to Safe for Web.

I had some problems with directly uploading them here, though. And I think it worked before. But now I had to upload the images to Discord and copy links from there. If anyone has better suggestions as to how to do it, please, leave a comment.

When I say hard I mean all the cutting, which was basically sticking a small Swiss knife blade and then pulling it out, each time concentrated on not making funny moves. I cut myself badly while carving a pumpkin five years ago. My left thumb still holds a grudge.

Meanwhile, Genji from Overwatch makes it look so easy in one of his highlight intros. It's a lie. You can't carve with a katana like that. Even if you are a ninja robot. Cinema is a lie... Everything visual is a lie, now that I think of it.

Except for this one. It's real and it moves. It moved all night and made scary images above our bed...


My own fault, really. I should have stopped about right there and turn no lights off or even better, light no candles inside.

Feeling Carved

Well, next time I shall know better. It didn't even provide enough light for me to be able to read.

Like Some Magic: The Gathering Demon Dude

And all that to scare evil away. Hmm...

Enjoy a good weekend!



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So beautiful!!! Thank you =)

Halloween AND gifs? What's not to love? 😂 😊

Speaking of...

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Oh that's so cool loving the gif :) Too bad that something is so time consuming while the gif will take you only a few seconds to create right :) anyway enjoyed this one, thanks!

Well, a bit more than a few seconds, but deciding on how long to project each frame was the longest task there.

Thank you! Glad people enjoy it :)

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing it! That's one scary pumpkin ^_^

Thanks. You should have seen it in my editor where No Delay meant really no delay between frames and it turns like crazy, teeth flashing red-black-orange like in a disco.

Cool! For a long time I want to try to cut something on a pumpkin ... but we don’t eat it and in stores it is not everywhere))

I didn't know that. Actually prices go incredible here, too, because of the commerce surrounding Halloween. And this particular sort was not good for cooking. But it has seeds which we can bake, eventually.

That’s really cool, @manoldonchev. I may have to try that!

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Awesome job! Thank you for sharing your tricks!

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Love your Halloween gifs - how creative! And good on you for doing your own carving!
Thanks for sharing!

Excellent! Love the gifs. I always have to use the pre-printed stencils to get a decent pumpkin, so it always amazes me when people can carve without. My boyfriend @dksart posted his time lapse video of the pumpkin he carved for a friend a few weeks ago. He used a drimmel tool this year. Thank goodness he did it outside. There was pumpkin debris EVERYWHERE.😂


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