RESPECT: CONFLICT is inevitable - COMBAT is optional!

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Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you've got to give it. - R.G. Risch



The world would be an incredibly boring place if we were all identical in every way. Dressed the same, thought the same, sounded the same, had precisely the same opinions, interests and talents…

What a terribly stagnant place it would be!

It is through our differences that we learn and grow… so I wonder then, why it is, that so many people seem to have an inability to accept the differences in others.

I come from a relatively large family. I have three siblings, all men and when we all get together – parents and wives too – there is always some kind of conversation or debate unfolding and in many instances we all have very different opinions on the matter. This can get heated at times, but at the end of the day, we all know that we love one another irrespective of our varying viewpoints.
We do not have to rip each other to pieces over it.

Wherever you look on social media when there is a controversial topic taking place or someone sharing their opinion about something, there is always an army of people in the comments that seem to make it their mission to crucify one another because they don’t see eye to eye on something.

WHY do people do that?!

Why can they not just respectfully agree to disagree?!

You know, I am not a particularly religious person… in fact, I am not at all religious! But that does not mean that I don’t respect other people that are. You don’t have to brow beat someone just because you have chosen a different path in life or have made contrasting decisions about things.

I have a few tattoos on my body – and to be honest, although I can appreciate the artistic beauty in the choice that someone else makes to cover themself head to toe in tattoos… it is not something that I would choose for me, but it does not make it wrong. That is their choice.

It is really disheartening sometimes, to see just how insistently conceited people are about their way, their opinion etc. Now don’t get me wrong… I am guilty of this too – I think to some degree we all are and I do have to check myself on it from time to time, but the incessant need and will to enforce your opinions on to other people, to my mind, is so inherently wrong. In fact, I wold go as far as to say that it is a display of weakness in what you supposedly “think, believe, or feel”… because if you were truly comfortable and confident in it, there would be a peace that came along with that and you would not have the need to prove it or enforce it onto another person.

Live and let live… that’s what I say. Respect people and their choices and opinions, whether you agree or not! They are as entitled to their ways, as you are to yours!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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This is so beautifully said. I agree completely. Honoring differences is not hard to do when you go into the world with curiosity instead of judgment, and wonder what you can learn or gain from interacting with others instead of looking askance at them and thinking there is something wrong with them for not being like yourself.

I am also not religious, and I'm no longer sure how religion and spirituality play into this conversation. I grew up in a family that was very religious and my upbringing taught me to love and accept others, in spite of and because of their differences. But ironically, the teachings of my church were that "those other kids" (in the non-Catholic church across the street) would have no place in heaven, which I simply chose not to believe. The idea that a blessing with holy water and a commitment were all that divided me from those kids -- some of whom were my good friends and neighbors -- was a truth I could not accept. And I saw such disappointing hypocrisy. The "love thy neighbor" value simply wasn't taken to heart in a deep and abiding way by many in my church that I crossed paths with. But I digress.

The point in all this that really resonated with me, @jaynie, is that today people seem to be much more judgmental, more us-and-them focused, and far more likely to shout and pound their fists and throw their weight around when someone dares to state an opinion they don't agree with, or dares to disagree with them.

I personally think we're locked in a really bad era right now, and I believe it will get better. I think about periods throughout history when people did truly heinous things to each other, and the fact that those times end and betters times come, and I then I have hope that this is simply one of those periods in history. But it's truly unsettling. And I worry that the children of so judgmental, difference-bashing people will carry those values forward.

The "love thy neighbor" value simply wasn't taken to heart in a deep and abiding way by many in my church that I crossed paths with.

I think this is quite true of many churches and religion in general... in my opinion they ALL very often do not practice what they preach and in addition to that, create such enormous divide.

I personally think we're locked in a really bad era right now, and I believe it will get better.

Agreed and I share your long term optimism despite this world not making that very easy.

Thank you for such a beautiful and insightful response - I am glad this spoke to you xxx

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Thank you :)

Hello @jaynie, I wish everyone understood the importance of respect for others, but the human being usually has a lot of ego, this makes him not want to accept the opinions and actions of others but to impose his own.
As everything in life respect is born with practice, we must exercise it to learn and get it.
Post as it is put a grain of sand in the mind of whoever reads it, Greetings.

Ego has a terrible habit of getting in the way of good things, situations and people.


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Respect! What's that? Some people seem like they don't know that. For me, I think it's very necessary to know how to be polite, how to criticize constructively.

Agreed and finding a healthy balance!

@jaynie - I totally agree, agree to disagree if you don't see eye to eye with someone. Being in an interracial marriage in a small midwest town has shown me that people can get really disrespectful when they don't agree with your life choices. So I try hard not to be judgemental and to live and let live. And I agree with @jayna too about the hypocrisy in organized religion preaching love and forgiveness yet doing neither for people outside of their "beliefs".

People can be down right UGLY. I was also in a interracial marriage so I know EXACTLY what you are referring to!

I will never understand it. I see it over and over. Folks seem to have this need to make their opinions known regardless of the circumstances. Why cant they just let it pass. Maybe it comes with age, a form of maturity. Perhaps I am just to lazy to care lol. I am thankful I do not feel the urge to plant my flag and drop my opinion on every single instance where i could.

Maybe it comes with age, a form of maturity.

hahaha yeah I was going to say the same thing... perhaps you just get tired of giving a rats ass what others do and/or think lol