PowerHouseCreatives Contest has Me Wondering on Bringing About Peace and Harmony If I Were...

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@zord189 set out a wonderful contest for the #Powerhousecreatives people asking you to write starting with -

If I were...

If I were one of the powers that be, a world leader, I would lead my people to peace and prosperity, leading with kindness and generosity, having all the land flourish!

eden ecoVillage type image.jpg
Image by Penstones from Pixabay

Working on natural giving or a sharing economy, I would implement projects like @eco-alex 's ecoVillages and do land reclamation and restoration. I believe the land can support all the people in the world and by starting with the land, creating and sustaining healthy ecosystems, it's here, where people can flourish and live in a more self-sufficient manner implementing things like permaculture and earthship biotecture - Want to learn more about Earthship Biotecture? Check out @eco-alex 's posts on the subject or see all the articles (and much more) in his book 99 Reasons Why Earthships Are Fuc! * ing Awesome!!!

99 Reasons Why Earthships Are Fuc!*ing Awesome!!!

One thing @eco-alex proposes on his EcoVillages website is the idea of disrupting the Cost of Living industry, releasing people from the burden of such high costs of living, in a sense setting them free - no more wage slaves! I would work towards having abundance for all!

With that abundance I would see having equality and justice for all contributing members, for those contributing in whatever means they are capable. Encouraging the sharing of our knowledge, skills and talents (whatever that may be), appreciating all that is given!

This may sound like a bit of an utopia but this eco-village movement has begun. It is becoming a reality with a network of people coming together and the beginnings of the first model is under way. Learn more here or you can listen to one of the founders speak on the development of the eco-Village on @pennsif Tribe Talk with @orlev of the Steem ecoVillage (the first part of the talk was with @metametheus of Natural Medicine Community - another interesting development here through Steem)

Another movement I would support would what Jeremy Rifkin, a social and economic theorist, speaks about as the third industrial revolution (a digital revolution) which is a radical new sharing economy. He lays out a road map and offers a compass asking the millennial generation (those who have lived their life in the digital age) to lay down a biosphere consciousness for the the well-being of the whole system and all the creatures in it. Calling on the empathic concern to create peace between economy and society and for balance for the planet. He asks of this generation to

prepare a bill of particulars for a declaration of human responsibilities and stewardship of our human race, our fellow creatures in the planet we live in.

Take that bill and bring it to the table with the new potential monopolies, governments and the special interests to bring about change, help to bring about the political will for this change and a profound ideological shift for the betterment of the world!

Listen to Jeremy Rifkin's talk The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy below

Wouldn't it be joyous to see these movements spread worldwide with the people living in peace and harmony with themselves and our planet earth!

That is my wish, to have peace and harmony prevail and the people be happy and flourish!

Thanks for stopping by!

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I wish you were one of the powers that be! And, yes, earthships are freaking awesome!

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Lovely to see you sharing this with everyone! much appreciated for the cause! Ive just come back from the UK, I was there for 10 days.. its been about 5 years since i saw it.. the 'free' market' is a horror show to see to be honest.. i cant believe how nearly everyone is being squeezed of every last drop of juice on a constant basis.. ouch! IT makes me even more sure that disrupting this system is absolutely essential if we, humanity, are to rise up from this mess that we have co-created, and still today allow to continue.

We must find another way and people need to see an ecoVillage work, and demonstrate a TOTALLY different (decentralised) way to live, away from these intense pressures! That combined with honouring the earth, the land, and living in harmony with our environment. It also hard to watch how disconnected people in cities are from the natural order of things... i could go on of course!

OOh also id like to mention that i changed the terminology i use now , i no longer say 'gift economy', but instead 'natural giving'. That describes the vision much better.. i think the whole concept of economy needs to go because it is so tainted and means only one thing really..

<3 xx

I so appreciate the work that you are doing to bring these ecoVillages to fruition, I see it as a beam of light in darkening times!
It saddens me so to see people becoming work slaves and not really getting to enjoy there lives much or never being given the chance to become what they are meant to become, living up to their greatest potential, it is such a trap! Such a need to disrupt that "cost of living" industry and I'm with you on that move!

i feel you! this plan Does seem to be coming together! ;)

Wow.... What a wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing! It goes without saying that I agree, but thank you so much for bringing Jeremy Rifkin to my attention, never heard of him. Heading over to you rube now.
May peace and harmony be upon you always.

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Wow! I learned something new today. Thanks for sharing this 😉👍

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To save the human species as we know it will take concerted effort by each individual working together, fixing one community and moving onto the next.

Plans have been put out there for some time, yet people still dither questioning when the writing is on the wall, change is needed, actually yesterday not even today!

Government will not bring about change, quick fix techniques being implemented at cost to normal people in more ways than one. Only the people in structured communities working together will make change eventually, let us hope it is not too late.

Thanks for interesting read @porters the idea is good it is rolling it out making life more viable for everyone.

@tipu .5

Yes, I think these Eco-villages are a wonderful concept and I'm so happy to see them start to become a reality. A wonderful opportunity for folks to throw off the chains of that constant strain to try and make a living, a way that they can work together in a community, in peace and harmony among themselves and the earth.

Along similar lines, more language and culture based, is a project you can read more about here. The up's and down's when community builds independently - https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Orania,_Northern_Cape

Interesting to note other regions are looking into the concept, excerpt from within linked content.

Orania and the Xhosa community of Mnyameni signed a cooperation agreement in December 2012,[192] to assist in the development of own institutions and the transfer of knowledge between the communities.[193][194]

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A dream that can certainly come true my dear friend.
It has always been up to us as responsible individuals, all like minded to gather and to start the turn around.
I sincerely hope that thousands would read this post, (not likely), but a start is a start.

One little bit to get the word out about the possibility for a better life, living in peace and harmony in the Eco-villages! It is fasinating to see it take hold and bit by bit become a reality!

Oh we pray that it may grow like wildfire my friend.