Vacation in DA Neoxian City 'Photo Challenge'


We save up for IT, we endlessly plan for IT, we compair IT to what our neibours/friends are doing, we take loans for IT, we long all year for IT
What is this IT everyone is talking about????

Ohh YEAH lets talk vavaction ;)

Often, a vacation is long-planned and long-awaited, with the pressures of high expectations!!!
How often does it meet these expectations, though?
We up north long for sun & warmth; a trip to the beach sure feels good, is there any evidence that vacationing actually IS good for you?
The alwasy to fast ending , alwasy to expensive treat we get , after all that work hussel year.
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Reaseartch tells us that vacations effects our health and well-being, but that improvment fade.. AND fade fast after ...
By 2019, we all should know that the hotel room will be smaller than it looked on the website, the scenery a little less fabuluS....

So then why do we keep doing this vacations, year after year??

Surprising fact; the act of planning a vacation yields a much larger boost in happiness – all the way up to 8 stunning weeks of improved in your moods in anticipating said vacation. ;) :P


Da vacation blues.

But that dwel after said vacation??? When we feel wayy more tired and gloomy after the vacation?
Were & how we spend our vacation can have affect on how restorative that vavaction actually ARE — research points tthat nature as the key to more lasting benefits
You can ride the pre-trip high, the ‘rosy view’ phenomenon
We humans have a tendency to wish to make the most out of our longed after vacations..
So we plan stuff to do while having the vaction... Sure museum , souvenir shopping ,sightseeing and all we plan in, , casual day-drinking can be fun ways to experience a destination.
BUT they can frankly injure more then they help you; AS they claim time and you miss out on quiet observation or unstimulated chill-time...

Our brain and body needs rest....

Being outdoors has proven so beneficial to mental health

Vacation perk:

Leave the office for vacation ;eatch 10 hours vacation Improves your productivity with 8 %

Stressed out

You will feel less aches and pains once you return to work after a calming relaxing vacation


4- days vacation is enough to lower your stress levels and increase your well-being, but this is with no must/shoulds on said time frame

Loyalty & Job Satisfaction:

People who use their vacation days regularly are also more loyal to their employers and less likely to leave their jobs.



Get the best & most out of our vavaction?

Set your expectations away from perfection its not the foundation of your holiday.
What do you need Relaxation? Connection? Adventure? A change of pace?
All of this will not be jeopardized by the thing of being imperfect; in fact, they can be enhanced by it As you open yourself up and dont clutter your brain with details and musts,see the messy fun mindfull experience of a delayed flight or lost bagide ;)

Relax its vacation, what ever can go wrong, will go wrong, enjOy the ride

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“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near her.
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so beautiful, wait why it's cold out there. Don't tell me the breathe ofnthe dragon can't defeat the coldness ofnthe weather. But I'm just thinking, no I'm not.. I'm desperate to see the dragon, you know??haha

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